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Writers, pick up your pens: Crocodile 2012 is go


Pukpuk Logo Art AS KEITH has already reported, the inaugural Crocodile literary awards, workshop and book launch were a roaring success and we are now enthusiastically developing ideas for the next contest in 2011-12.

The bad news is that the first print run of the anthology has been snapped up.  Those people who have paid for copies in advance will be receiving theirs in the mail shortly but everyone else will have to wait until we can arrange a reprint.

If you desperately want a copy you could try Minister for Trade and Industry, Charles Abel, or Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Benjamin Philip, but I don’t rate the chances of them giving up their personal copies signed by all the writers too soon. 

Neither do I think Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil will give up his copy easily.  The University of Papua New Guinea might still have a few copies for sale and you could try there.

Blessed by the wave of success we have decided to open up the 2012 competition as of today.  The original plan was to have a break until January next year but with all those writers that we kept tripping over in Port Moresby who are chafing at the bit we’ve changed our minds.

The 2012 Crocodile literary competition is therefore now open and you can start sending in your entries. You can download the entry form here.

The writers at the workshop decided that it was best to run the next competition in the same three categories, short stories, poems and essays.

We are expecting an increased number of entries in 2012.  To make life easier we will accept entries in Times New Roman font size 12 at 1.5 spacing set on the left margin.  PDF entries with elaborate artwork are great but the work transferring them to a standard anthology document is too hard to be practical.

While we will look at expanding the categories in later competitions we also have an open mind.  If anyone has a short play (around 10 minutes long) or novella (about 20,000 words) we are happy to look at it and consider including it in the competition.  Unfortunately, we won’t be geared up to accept full length novels and non-fiction for a while yet.  Rest assured the plans are on the drawing board.

We had several published PNG writers at the workshop.  One, Jerry Henson, has been completely blind since birth.  Another was Patrick Nii, who came down from Kundiawa in a wheel chair.  If those inspirational guys can do it there’s no reason why the rest of you can’t too.

A few writers didn’t make it to the workshop where all the others each collected two free copies of the anthology.  I’ve asked Mari Ellingson, who is going to distribute the reprinted book, to supply copies to any writers who missed out.  Contact Mari at [email protected].

I also have a request.  During the workshop and presentation ceremony I was preoccupied and didn’t get the chance to take many photographs.  If anyone has any good shots they don’t mind sharing I’d be deeply appreciative.  They could also come in handy when we are seeking sponsors for the 2012 prize.  Send them to me at [email protected].

Finally, I’d like to thank Keith for facilitating the competition.  For me it has been a wonderful and exhilarating experience.  I would also like to thank all those wonderful PNG writers.  Without them the competition would never have been possible.  Special thanks must also go to the grand old dinosaur of PNG literature, Russell Soaba.

Winners are Grinners 
The 2011 winners: Martyn Namorong; Lapieh Landu; Jim Drekore; Jeff Febi [Phil Fitzpatrick]


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Reginald Renagi

Phil - Bring it on now. And age is no barrier as I will try to beat the young guns next time...

This Papuan blogger is ready to face next year's challenge.

One last request, Phil and Keith, please get the bloggers to put their real names in your blog.

Pen names give no credibility but hide true identity.

Is it because they really fear being killed by the authorities for writing good powerful stuff in PNG Attitude?

Names are for the good, as our writings may eventually get both countries governments to fix the problems we constantly talk about here on our blog.

Lapieh Landu

Thanks Joe, I brought one back and I was worried everyone wouldnt have a chance to see it, but good on yah!

Leonard Roka

Keith and Phil - As I wait for the professionals dealing with my manuscript for publication, I swear I will write you a first short story over the weekend.

The big thing to me is exposure and having something for the judges to compare the best with for us new kids on the block.

Bougainvilleans Regis Stella, Leo Hannet and Matubuna Tahun came short of building a strong Bougainville nationalist spirit. I wanna seal that loophole.

Maybe 2012 will have dozens of stories, poems and essays.

Come, o you New Guinean writers in 2012.

Thanks Leonard - though I reckon 2012 will see many hundreds of pieces of writing from PNG, as a huge national literary output emerges. I'm looking forward to all the absorbing reading - KJ

Bernard Sinai

Thanks Phil. I'm looking forward to the 2012 competition, and could you update the entry form. I've noticed the deadlines are still the same for last this year.

You're quick off the mark, Bernard. The entry form in The Crocodile Prize section under Attitude Extra has been updated as of lunchtime today. Good writing - KJ

Diane Andrews

Fantastic to see this. Well done Philip Fitzpatrick - ex-kiap and author of Bamahuta Leaving Papua.

Joe Wasia

Thanks Keith and Phil for organising the Crocodile Prize event in Port Moresby. As for me I really enjoyed being part of the team.

Congratulations Jeffery, Jim, Lapieh and Martyn. I believe we have huge potential to do greater exploits in literature.

I took 10 copies of the anthology to Divine Word University. I will leave two copies with the DWU Friendship Library and the rest will be distributed to the writers who did not make it to the workshop last week.

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