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Arokara: A highlands coffee well worth the journey

Arokara Coffee IN THE Eastern Highlands Province, amongst the rugged peaks and remote valleys and in the shadow of Mt Arokara, grows one of the most remarkable coffees the Starbuck organisation says it has ever tasted.

It is called Papua New Guinea Arokara.

“This coffee astounds us with its distinct flavours of bell pepper and green olive, along with a wine-like mouth-feel,” Starbucks says.

“Arokara is a deep-toned coffee with a long finish, well suited for a coffee press or your favourite brewing method.

“We’ve never journeyed farther to source a coffee, but in this case, the road less travelled truly made all the difference.”

Arokara is being mad available for a limited time in Starbucks coffee shops.

Producer: Arokara Coffee farm network

Elevation: 1,067-1,615 metres

Coffee variety: Typica, Bourbon, Arusha

Processing method: Washed

Harvest dates: May - September 2010

Tasting notes: A balanced coffee with flavours that highlight pungent herbals of green olives and fresh bell pepper

Flavour intensity: Medium

Pairing flavours: Cocoa, nuts and soft citrus (such as sweet orange, clementine and honey tangelo)

Source: Starbucks, 9 October


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Samuel Raffana

Peter Kranz, Thank you very much for your comments on Bomai Coffee.

If anyone wanting to buy Bomai Coffee (roasted or green beans) or seeking for more information follow this link;

Peter Kranz

The sistas have arrived - and bearing gifts! It's been a long slog, but they are here at last. And I have fallen in love.

No its nothing Rose need be worried about (although, on relflection...)

But they know the way to a man's heart. A new coffee and chocolate!

The coffee is Bomai Coffee whose marketing line is "No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee's frothy goodness" a sentiment of which I heartily agree.

But the crowning glory is the chocolate. Queen Emma Markham Valley chocolate "Single source cocoa, Pure Papua New Guinea."

Now I'm not usually in favour of product promotions, but in the case I will make an exception. This dark chocolate is remarkable - better than anything I have tasted from Belgium or France. It's from CPL group, and even the packet is handmade from Kunai grass.

Try it if you can.

Sistas, mi lewa yu tru!

Mary Koisen

Where can I get this coffee? I have family and friends overseas that cannot get enought PNG coffee.

Peter Kranz

I never knew they used wine-tasting techniques to describe chocolate! Can anyone visiting San Fransisco pick up a few bars for us?

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker has released the Markham Valley limited-edition chocolate bar, the newest Chocolate Maker's Series single-origin bar made from cacao beans sourced from Markham Farms in Papua New Guinea.

The bar will be sold exclusively online on as a 6-count set and at .

The only retail location selling the bar will be the Scharffen Berger Store in the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace.

Scharffen Berger Markham Valley is a 68% cacao dark chocolate bar that's pleasantly creamy with notes of red fruit, cherry and raisin and a hint of vanilla.

The constant heat and unique terroir of this cacao-growing region, located in a transition zone between savannah and alluvial rainforest, along with Scharffen Berger chocolate's small-batch, artisanal chocolate making methods all contribute to the bold, remarkable flavor of the Markham Valley chocolate bar.

"At Scharffen Berger, we came across a sample of Markham Farms cacao by sheer accident and we were astonished by the complexity of the flavor," said Ray Major, Master Chocolate Maker for Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker.

"The flavor is an explosion of red fruit with subtler hints of vanilla and pipe tobacco. We immediately knew that we had to make a single-origin bar out of it."

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