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Prominent PNG identities get behind Crocodile Prize


THE AUSTRALIAN High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Ian Kemish, has once again thrown his substantial support behind the 2012 Crocodile Prize.

This year’s inaugural prize was strongly back by the High Commission, which provided human, material and financial resources to ensure its success.

‘The Australian High Commission was pleased to assist facilitate the program in 2011 and is committed to continuing similar support in the future,” Mr Kemish said.

“The Crocodile Prize is designed to develop and nurture Papua New Guinea's rich national literature, an important component in the social and cultural development of any country.

“In endorsing the Prize, I would encourage commercial and other organisations in PNG to support it in any way they can.”

Mr Kemish’s view was supported by Mari Ellingson, Director-General of PNG’s Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture

“The Crocodile Prize is recognising, and facilitating publishing opportunities for the best of the emerging writers in Papua New Guinea,” Ms Ellingson told PNG Attitude.

“I cannot really overstate the value of this project for PNG.  There was a flurry of creative writing around national independence in 1975, which has waned since. 

“Now we need a renaissance – and The Crocodile Prize offers this opportunity.

“The Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture, of which I’m Director-General, is strongly committed to this project – and we will be supporting it in every way we can,” she said.

“I hope that the companies that are operating in this country will recognise its importance – both to our culture and to our people’s understandings – and provide it with all the support they can.”

Potential sponsors interested in naming rights are asked to contact Keith Jackson here.

Writers who wish to find out more about the competition should link here.


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Joe Wasia

Thanks for the throwing support for the 2011 and 2012 Crocodile Prizes.

We had a great time during the awarding and launching of Crocodile prizes at Australian High Commission at Waigani, NCD.

Ian Kemish and his team has thrown great support and we really enjoyed the event.

For Crocodile Price 2012 I believe it will be more than this as many PNG prominent identities get behind it.

Thank you minister Abel, Mari and Kemish for throwing your support for next year. We are looking forward to a greater one.

Fiona Hukula

I really enjoy reading PNG Attitude and am so pleased at the success of the Crocodile Prize. Congratulations to you and all those involved.

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