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‘We want a flourishing literature’, says Matane

THE FORMER GOVERNOR-GENERAL of Papua New Guinea and prolific author, Sir Paulias Matane, has come out with a ringing endorsement of the Crocodile Prize literary contest.

The contest was initiated a year ago by PNG Attitude and the PNG Post-Courier with the first awards being made in September this year.

The Prize has also spun off an annual anthology of the best PNG writing, a series of forums for emerging PNG writers and, next year, a Society for Writers, Editors and Publishers to embed a creative writing sector in PNG.

“When the Crocodile Prize was established, as a passionate proponent of PNG literature, I welcomed it warmly,” Sir Paulias told PNG Attitude.

“I was Governor-General at the time and urged my Papua New Guinean sisters and brothers to ‘Write, write, write!’  I am pleased to note the marvellous response to the contest.”

Recollecting that the Prize is named for the first novel written by a Papua New Guinean, The Crocodile, published in 1970, Sir Paulias said: “I knew the author well.  Sir Vincent Eri, like me, was an educator, and he knew the power and influence of the written word.

“We need to have more writers and more readers in our country and this contest is a marvellous initiative.

“Our nation has a rich oral tradition which has slowly extended into the written form.  I hope these awards will strengthen and enhance our national literature.

“We want PNG to have a flourishing literature; we want creative and bold writers; and we want the means to publish their work,” Sir Paulias said.

“I hope donors and businesses throughout Papua New Guinea will get behind this important project.”


Short Story Prize [Russell Soaba Award] – Naming rights soon to be announced
Ok Tedi Mining Prize for Women’s Literature [Dame Carol Kidu Award]
British American Tobacco (PNG) Prize for Lifetime Literary Achievement [Sir Paulias Matane Award]
Cleland Prize for Heritage Literature
Chalkies’ Yokomo Prize for Student Writing
Poetry Prize [John Kasaipwalova Award] – Seeking a sponsor for naming rights
Essay & Journalism Prize [Sean Dorney Award] – Seeking a sponsor for naming rights
AustAsia Pacific Health Services Writers’ Forums

Premium Sponsorships – K2,000
MRSM Group of Companies
Another soon to be announced

Gold Sponsorships – K1,500
No sponsors yet

Silver Sponsorships– K1,000
Paul A Povey
Star Mountains Institute of Technology
Ed Brumby
Keith Jackson

Bronze Sponsorships – K500
Corney K Alone and Tanya Zeriga-Alone
Stuart Hoare
Dr Lance Hill

Donations – any amount
Murray and Joan Bladwell – K200

You too can support this major initiative in PNG writing and reading.  Contact Keith Jackson here


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