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Lapieh Landu at the Crocodile Prize awardsBY LAPIEH LANDU

Dedicated to Malcolm Gauthier.  Thank you, for the enlightenment to realise the importance of gender equity and justice.  You inspire me....

I am a man, strong, fierce and ardent
I stand with pride, dignity and poise
I chose to have her as my companion
A lifetime of laughter, colours and noise

Friends, bikes and books
Our life was flowers rainbows and bliss
We were happy, undeniably happy
Endless hugs, discourse and a kiss

The maker was all too kind
He blessed us with something so divine
My eyes he had so exact
Her skin as rich as wine

Years tracked by and so did our youth
Blisters and bruises I earned
To make ends meet I sacrificed
The comfort of my unit in return

I am a man, strong fierce and ardent
I stand with pride, dignity and poise
But when the going gets tough
I too weep for I have no choice

I chose to have her as my confidant
I’ve elected this path for me
I try, I hurt, and I hold affirm
Legal imprisonment it can be

One day I come home from work
Tired, bruised and glitches
It’s funny, I don’t remember the rest
I woke up in brutal pain and stitches

My eyes scurry the room for her
Whilst my thoughts rushed in plight
It was hatred and misconception
That robbed us both that night

I am a man, strong, fierce and ardent
I stand with pride, dignity and poise
How do I comfort my weeping child?
No words but a shower of toys

Yesterday I was a loving husband
Doting father and loyal friend
Today I am but far from it all
Names so cruel; My God! It just won’t end!

I told her I’d never hurt her
For God sake- not even a fly!
I fell in love with her from the start
And I’d love her till I die

For I am a man, strong, fierce and ardent
I stand with pride, dignity and poise
I’d give everything to make her understand
That she’d always been my choice


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