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Drekore_JimmyTHE PRESIDENT OF THE Simbu Children Foundation, Jimmy Drekore, has thanked supporters – including a number of PNG Attitude readers – for their “efforts in 2011 to making a difference in the lives of sick and disadvantage children in the rugged mountains.”

Mr Drekore expressed special appreciation to SCF Team Western Australia for shipping a 20ft container of gifts to the children of Simbu and to SCF Team Ok Tedi in Tabubil for raising K28,000 for the Foundation.

During the year, SCF also sent seven “Brave Hearts” to Operation Open Heart in Port Moresby and held a successful end of year ball in Kundiawa with a unique twist - a visit to Mingende Rural Hospital.

“2012 will be the year to make SCF stand upright hence projects are underway in line with our strategy,” Mr Drekore said.

“We need each other to make Simbu better, hence please help out where you can so we can be proud of our achievements come end of the year.”

Mr Drekore also sent a message to candidates in the forthcoming PNG national elections.

“To all you potential candidates, best wishes in your campaigns.  Unfortunately SCF won't support you.  If you win, you need to support SCF and the elites of Simbu will witness that because you know these elites are very influential in their communities.”

Visit the SCF website here


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Laurence Quinlivan

Jimmy and other "action" people do not be surprised.

In my short time of following PNG Attitude I see a strong ethos of acknowledgement and support for "action" people. Those who not only recognise a need but actually do something about addressing the issue.

I encourage more people to write to Keith about the positive actions of local communities.

Jimmy Drekore

Thank you Keith. You surprised me with this publication, can't help this huge grin....a positive light into 2012. Thanks for putting a smile on me.

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