Parliament must reverse its bad decisions
Shots fired at Koki as day of protest gets underway

A plea for integrity


Proud to be PNG we triumphantly shout
Yet what is there to be proud about?
When all around us declining morals we see
A break down of our PNG society

A Christian country most agree
Yet “love thy neighbour as thyself” we disagree
Culture, beliefs and family ties
Shape the self and dictate our lives

Dare we truly think for ourselves?
Or is this too dangerous as it affects our worth?
What is fair and just and true?
The man with the gun, wives and shoe?

Science revealing causes of death
Yet sanguma killings go on unaddressed
We watch and accept these inhuman deeds
Self preservation, our number one need

Health indicators alarmingly declining
Silent numbers proclaimed and set aside for filing
Educational woes, students struggle for space
The best oft ignored, money purchases their place

Wrestling for me, myself and I
Fighting to gain a piece of the pie
Forming allegiances that will benefit me
Forget about goodwill and humble charity

The time to be considerate and caring is gone
“Might is right” is the almighty new song
Those less fortunate - who cares about them
“To each his own” is the new national anthem

But as fences and defenses around us we build
Our fears and mistrusts can’t be easily stilled
Corruption- breeding arrogance -breeding ignorance
‘Till victims despair- hatred brews- destruction ensues

Beware, PNG beware, anarchy will reign
If we are selfish, proud and ethics disdain
To arms, PNG, to arms, be diligent be true
Because integrity, will be the saving grace of you


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Mrs Barbara Short

Thanks Emma for this poem. It seems to cover many of the problems of PNG today.
Yes "integrity" is needed. Let's hope there is some around in Moresby today!

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