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Nature’s frolic


In the valley amid panoramic visuals
Frolics Nature; ancient, new
Glibly orchestrating ageless rituals
On Earth’s tapestry; symmetrical, askew 

Rushing waters scramble over one another
In their haste to flow downstream
Echoes of their excited chatter
Drifting up the sleepy mountains green

Drifting up and climbing higher
Up into the sky, so fathomless and blue
Where languid, heavy clouds now gather
To tinge the green a different hue

To tinge and shade, then separate
To give the sun some room
It’s kindly warmth the land to bathe, while
Playful wind its mischief looms 

Playful wind it sways and swirls
Teasing at the drowsy leaves
Twirling them with practiced twirls
It floats them down with skillful ease

As they float the leaves they flutter
Surprised they twist and turn
Then heaving sighs of resigned mutters
They settle on the grassy land

And ere go on these ageless rituals
Through time and space they dance
Creating intricate, passionate miracles
Natures frolic; man’s sustenance


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Emma Wakpi

Thank you Barbara,

The natural beauty of my country leaves me in awe all the time.

I have had the opportunity to travel to various areas within this country and every place has a different take on nature and presents in a way that is stunning.

I never take it for granted and view it all with breathless wonder, thankful for the privalege afforded to me to witness it all.

Mrs Barbara Short

Lovely, Emma.
To most people who "fall in love with PNG" it is the beauty of the natural environment that is the pervading memory.
I have created a tiny piece of "jungle" at the bottom of my garden. It is just so wonderful to walk into it, palms, bamboo, bananas and bromeliads, and get tangled up in the vines and leaves - lost in nature.

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