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Elections, security and economy – which way PNG?

A rough guide to the PNG general elections


MORE THAN 40 POLITICAL PARTIES and well over 4,000 candidates have thrown their hats into the ring to contest late June’s general election in Papua New Guinea.

There are 109 seats on offer, which means that many putative representatives have been called - of whom few will be chosen.

We list here some of the main political parties which are contesting the elections(together with some of their leaders):

CDP - Christian Democratic Party

CDP - Constitutional Democratic Party [Ila Geno]

Greens Party [Dorothy Tekwe]

MA - Melanesian Alliance

MCP - Movement for Change Party [Gary Juffa]

NA - National Alliance Party [Sir Michael Somare]

NGP - New Generation Party [Bart Philemon]

PAP - People’s Action Party

PDM - People’s Democratic Movement Party [Paias Wingti]

PLP - People’s Labor Party

PNA - People National Assembly [Anderson Agiru]

PNC - People’s Congress Party [Peter O’Neill]

PNGCDP - PNG Constitutional Democratic Party

PNGCP - PNG Conservative Party

PNGCP - PNG Country Party

PNGNP - PNG National Party

PNP - Papua New Guinea Party [Belden Namah]

PP - Peoples Party [Peter Ipatas]

PPP - People’s Progress Party [Sir Julius Chan]

RDP - Rural Development Party [Jeffrey Nape]

THE - Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Don Polye]

UP - United Party [Sam Abal]

URP - United Response Party [William Duma]


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Matt Andrews

I've seen many references to there being 109 seats in the new Parliament, but I would have thought it's actually 111, with the addition of the regional seats for the new provinces of Hela and Jiwaka. Can anyone clarify?

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