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Attitude publisher has eyes set on PR for PNG

JPR_roundTHE PUBLISHER AND EDITOR of PNG Attitude, Keith Jackson, has returned to full-time work after some years of semi-retirement that followed a period of ill health.

“Most people retire at the end of their careers,” Keith said, “but I seem to have retired in the middle of mine.”

Keith is chairman, and is now also general manager, of Jackson Public Relations (formerly Jackson Wells) which has been operating for 21 years since he established it.

“Over all that time, despite my abiding interest in Papua New Guinea, none of the 550 clients we’ve worked for in Australia and from around the world has been a PNG organisation.

“In this, my personal second coming, I’m looking to change that oversight.”

Jackson PR specialises in media relations and government relations and has worked for clients in every industry sector.

“When I set up the company in a spare room in my apartment in early 1991, I never expected that it would last for two decades and achieve what it has,” Keith said.

People interested in finding out more about Jackson PR can contact Keith here or visit the website here.


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Colin Huggins

Actually Oala the quote is: "You can take the boy/girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy/girl".

It refers to young people leaving the country life of towns and properties ( cattle/sheep/wheat etc.) who hope starting a new life as a city "slicker".

Reginald Renagi

Keith Jackson - mate, congratulations on your second coming with renewed vigour and passion. Spread some new goodwill Jackson PR towards promoting PNG from more blog contents about taking current relations between our two countries to new exciting levels.

Brad Hooper

The comeback kid,

Oala Moi

Excellent! Reminds me of the line: "You can take KJ out of the PR business but you can never take the PR business out of KJ" [from Facebook]

Stret Pasin

@PNGAttitude Congratulations on your comeback! #PNG certainly has companies & a govt that need #PR help notably the #LNG project [from Twitter]

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