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Martyn Namorong will talk to Australians about PNG

Taking the Truth to AustraliaMARTYN NAMORONG, Papua New Guinean political activist, award winning writer and much quoted blogger, will begin a two week lecture tour of Australia next week.

The privately-funded Take the Truth to Australia tour will enable one of Papua New Guinea’s new generation of writers and thinkers to speak about the issues afflicting his country – one of which he says is Australia itself.

Namorong, 25, who sells betel nut in Port Moresby’s markets to earn money to support his writing, is well known for his gritty and accurate portrayals of the struggling and increasingly depressed society that is today’s PNG

“I don’t dream anymore,” he says. “I am grounded in reality. I grapple with the facts as they are.”

In 2011 Namorong was recognised for his writing when he won the inaugural Crocodile Prize, PNG’s national literary award.

As a medical student at the University of Papua New Guinea, Namorong witnessed the troubles of PNG at first hand and now chooses to live a lifestyle no different from that of the vast majority of his compatriots.

“The system of education in this country [Papua New Guinea] is a failure trap,” Mr Namorong says.

“It is supposed to groom Papua New Guineans, but all it does is produce a lot of failures.”

Namorong has been acclaimed as the foremost of a growing group of Papua New Guinean writers unafraid to speak boldly on issues of corruption and public waste and who are using social media to stimulate pressure for social change.

In Australia he will meet with politicians, journalists and people interested in PNG affairs.


Martyn will be in Sydney (21-22 May), Melbourne (23-26 May), Canberra (27-29 May) and Brisbane (30 May-2 June). He is available for media interviews

Media contact: Ben Jackson: 0417 407 565 | (02) 9904 4333 |


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Michael Dom

Very red Keith, it's sure to be read.

Do provide an outline of the lectures and I look forward to a synopsis.

PNG Attitude will be reporting regularly on Martyn's tour, as well as analysing its impact. A video clip will be put online of one of Monday's forums in Sydney - KJ

Dr R Morton

Tell us where in Brisbane.

See the rather lurid flyer at the head of the page - KJ

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