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Highs and lows of Brisbane await Martyn Namorong


Take the Truth to AustraliaDETAILS OF THE BRISBANE LEG of Martyn Namorong’s Take the Truth to Australia tour, which begins later today, have been announced by organiser Murray Bladwell – and the outspoken Papua New Guinean writer is in for a busy time in the Sunshine State.

Martyn arrives in Brisbane on Wednesday 30 May and that night will address the Toowong Rotary Club.

On Thursday he will have separate meetings with journalism students at the University of Queensland and PNG post-graduate students at the University of Technology.

Late that night, to introduce him to a darker side of Australian life, Martyn will tour Brisbane’s back streets with the Police drug-arm support vehicle and its crew.

On Friday 1 June he will be interviewed by presenter Steve Austin at ABC Radio’s Southbank studios before meeting with PNG Attitude bloggers, wantoks and friends of PNG, followed by casual drinks and snacks, at the Sherwood Services Club, Corinda.

The following day will be slightly more relaxed but include a visit to Donations-in-Kind, a Rotary Distribution Centre, where he will meet with volunteers and assist to pack shipping containers loaded with donated goods for PNG hospitals and schools.

Martyn returns to Port Moresby on Sunday 3 June.

If you want to meet Martyn at the Sherwood Services Club contact Murray Bladwell on bladcom@bigpond.com.au


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Peter Kranz

Any chance of some videos being posted on Youtube about Martyn's visit, for those who can't get to the presentations?

We can but try - KJ

Murray Bladwell

Colin - A slight correction to the story. The DRUG ARM support vehicle is in fact run by volunteers and medical staff and gives support to homeless and drug dependant souls.

It is an important reminder that Australia like PNG has similar problems. This should be a warts and all tour - no country is perfect!

And yes, Martyn will have plenty of tourist activities and relaxation whilst in Brisbane.

And, indeed, in each of the great cities in which he will be our guest - KJ

Colin Huggins

Well with the non-stop agenda for young Martyn I sure hope he survives. There appears not one moment of relaxation, maybe only the road trip from Melbourne to Canberra.

At least, he will, if not sound asleep, be able to see some of Australia.

Why subject him in Brisbane to a tour around with the Police drug-arm support vehicle and its crew? I would love to know what this exercise is going to achieve?

I think the young "fella" has seen all this in POM, as he has reported. A trip to "Lone Pine" sanctuary might have been more benefical and relaxing.

Just my thoughts, but now too late. I hope he has a stack of stay awake pills?

Robin Lillicrap

Good Morning Keith and Martyn - Blessings and salutations to you both as you begin your epic journey.
I trust the outcomes will be a marvelous exercise in grassroots diplomacy and public relations.

I am praying for results to accrue that fulfill the best hopes for PNG/Australia relationships amidst troublesome times.

Congratulations, Keith, on brokering this expedition.
Best wishes Martyn. This will be a life changing experience.

Have a great day and a great two weeks or so.

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