O’Neill under threat over election timing, says ABC

How Twitter saw the pre-election parliamentary sitting

No move against Peter O'Neill; and a fond farewell to Dame Carol Kidu

Liam Fox ‏ @liamfoxpng - Everyone laughed as Namah paid tribute to Speaker Nape. #PNG

Tavurvur ‏ @Tavurvur - Just to make it clear Tweeps - Parliament has rescinded its original deferral motion; moved to dissolve Parliament; #PNG going to Elections!

Tavurvur ‏ @Tavurvur - All outgoing statements being made. Dame Carol as Opposition Leader making her outgoing statement now. Retires from a brilliant career #PNG

Nou Vada ‏ @nouvada - Dame Carol thanks Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare #PNG

Nou Vada ‏ @nouvada - Dame Carol thank Sam Abal for being the buscrew in the 2-person Opposition #PNG

Liam Fox ‏ @liamfoxpng - Many heads of diplomatic missions are here to see this final sitting before elections. They must be relieved like most #PNGeans.

Nou Vada ‏ @nouvada - Slight Uproar as Dame Carol observes MPs have more than 1 wife

Tavurvur ‏ @Tavurvur - There is still some ambiguity to what will be happening to certain electoral funds. Some MPs still believe they're entitled to use it #PNG

Nou Vada ‏ @nouvada - Reform Reform Reform! On #PNG Parlt's agenda at its last day...

Liam Fox ‏ @liamfoxpng - A bit of applause as Dame Carol gives her final speech as an MP. #PNG

Tavurvur ‏ @Tavurvur - Kidu gets applause! Sir Buri Kidu would be proud of you Dame. Who would have thought a white woman from QLD would impact #PNG as you have?

Liam Fox ‏ @liamfoxpng - Well #PNG, there were times when it looked like it wasn't going to happen but you're off to the elections.

Tavurvur ‏ @Tavurvur - Your comments of support have provided rays of hope in the past 10 months of what has been a tough time for #PNG. Thank you to all of you!

Tavurvur ‏ @Tavurvur - Despite the political challenges & the constant uncertainty #PNG has done it! We are going to elections. We will elect the 9th Parliament.

Thanks to Nou, Liam and the omnipresent Tavurvur for this blow by blow summary


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