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Martyn Namorong hints at a future in politics

Take the Truth to AustraliaBY KEITH JACKSON

With Bruce Hill of Radio AustraliaIN A WIDE-RANGING interview on Radio Australia, Martyn Namorong has hinted that he may be interested in a future career in Papua New Guinea politics.

And he said the PNG government should make the five ‘directive principles’ of its constitution enforceable by law in order to correct the current imbalance between government and people.

Asked what might be the reaction of the people if there was not a more equitable distribution of PNG’s wealth, he responded that if the elite failed in its obligation the people “would eat them”.

You can listen here to this hard-hitting interview with Pacific Beat host Bruce Hill.


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Colin Huggins

Very interesting interview. Young Martyn is certainly not slow in being forthcoming. One can only hope that Martyn's friends up in PNG heard this interview?

An aside: Robin - Lloyd did also possess a great humour! I would have loved to have seen your version of the "Charge of the Light Brigade" down the coffee rows on that stallion.

The interview has received much positive comment from PNG on Facebook - KJ

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