Landowners revive decades old Konedobu claim
O’Neill-Somare struggle is now irrelevant to PNG

Meetings & interviews dominate Sydney trip

Take the Truth to AustraliaBY MARTYN AWAYANG NAMORONG

I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT the Kokoda Track Foundation till I met the lovely staff [pictured with me] who work at the Foundation's Office in Sydney.

Martyn with Kokoda Foundation staffI must say I'm impressed with the work they're doing and wish them well.

In Sydney I have also had the privilege of meeting some ex kiaps, teachers, broadcasters and military men who have seen Papua New Guinea from its formative years to its transformation into a Melanesian State.

I got a sense of how things were around independence, and learnt of the "D-cell Battery" index for inflation in PNG, which is now at the grand sum of 500%.

I had two interviews on Tuesday. One on SBS World News regarding the political dogfight in PNG between the Judges and Politicians. The other with Philip Adams on ABC Radio National [click links to view and listen]. I was also interviewed for ABC TV’s News 24 last night after I arrived in Melbourne

Am I enjoying myself? Hell yeah!

I've also learnt something about Australia's knowledge of PNG and the Pacific: like the USA, Aussies know very little.

This lack of knowledge is graphically illustrated by the priority the ABC gives to its Pacific Beat program.

Forget the website images, visit the Pacbeat office in Sydney and you will realise where Australia's priorities are - not the South Pacific.


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Robert Schilt

Onya Martyn!

Looks like your Australian tour is going off with a bang! Well done.

You do your people proud and carry the PNG message to us Australians with a sense of truth, focus and wisdom rarely (if at all) seen in your own leaders.

I wish you well and hope you enjoy the rest of your stay Downunder.

Corney K Alone

My late dad told me a lot of stories about Kiaps and urged me and my siblings to read books.

How they brought development, made way for spoons, plates, cups and soap for washing hands, how they imposed tough penalties for not turning up for scheduled road works and the rest.

This is one of the main reasons, I have found some semblance of connection with PNG Attitude - and graduating to be one of the sponsors of Crocodile Prize.

These two countries have sufficient solid foundations to anchor our relationships on for centuries.

Symbiotic relationships and a strong sense of it permeating through, starting from people-to-people level and right up to the seat of power is what every wise advisor of each government must know (or re-learn).

Kudos to the PNG Attitude and the team for playing a crucial role in building relationships like this.

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