Paga women screamed as bulldozers destroyed homes
How Twitter saw the pre-election parliamentary sitting

O’Neill under threat over election timing, says ABC

PORT MORESBY CORRESPONDENT of the ABC, Liam Fox, is reporting renewed uncertainty over whether Papua New Guinea’s general election will proceed as scheduled.

Fox says many members of parliament still want the election deferred and that local media are reporting rumours of a vote of no-confidence against prime minister Peter O'Neill this week.

Australia's parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs, Richard Marles, says Australia is watching to see how events unfold in PNG.

"We've been given commitments from prime minister Peter O'Neill, and indeed many of the other senior political figures in PNG, that they intend to hold the elections on time, and we can take those commitments at face value," he said.

This week is expected to see the final sitting of parliament before the elections.


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Colin Huggins

Hmmm! I wonder why? Those with ill-gotten gains, probably endeavouring to remove money overseas.

Best for what hopefully will result is a good new batch in PNG parliament, to now look after the interests of the people (one hopes).

I should imagine that Richard Marles, Julie Bishop and new Foreign Minister, Bob Carr and the diplomatic establishments in Port Moresby would be carefully monitoring events as they unfold.

Hopefully Australia will put a stop to the "quick exit" schemes to already purchased homes in Cairns and so it seems New Farm on the river in Brisbane.

I doubt Jarkata would welcome them, ditto Singapore, maybe Kuala Lumpur, maybe Beijing or Shanghai, Fiji might have some difficulties in explaining and accepting and New Zealand, no way.

One can only hope, that the elections be held on time, and the younger intelligent people from PNG can get their messages across to the people of PNG and progress can result for the benefit of all.

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