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Powes Parkop should be our next prime minister


Powes ParkopHUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER and first-term member of parliament, Powes Parkop, has done a lot for his National Capital District constituents; and gone beyond what any former NCD governor has done.

Indeed, Governor Parkop has achieved more for his constituents than the prime minister and cabinet members put together.

His many achievements in social obligation programs and related development initiatives these past five years makes this MP a very valued political asset for the Central people and for parliament as a whole.

A list of his achievements will be highlighted on all PNG-related FaceBook pages in the next few weeks before the June national elections.

In this way many FaceBook readers will see that Parkop is very good prime minister material.

Governor Parkop nominated for the 2012 national elections yesterday at Jack Piddick Park.


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Pius Nolih

Corruption and an annual financial statement for all members should be the two most important tools on measuring our leaders as far as I can see how we are perceiving our leaders.

I am sure it's too early to negatively judge Mr Parkop. But I can honestly say this, if Mr Parkop loses his seat this coming election he will not go into hiding and will still offer his unconditional services to so all Papua New Guineans to remind them that we must do things right.

Markus Meilas

So many politician just sold popularity with the sensitive issue but after win he never improve or sometimes amnesia what he said before.

So must be aware with the politician like this because people have suffered and without their vote impossible you gonna win being governor.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Powes stood head and shoulders above the rest of the fat cats. In a short period of time he has propelled himself onto the same podium where the late Narakobi, John Momis, John Kaputin, Rabbie Namaliu and Bire Kimosopa belong.

Unfortunately, he made an eleventh hour blunder by propping Justin for Moresby South Open in the media.

The families of so many candidates contesting in Moresby south along with Justin are frustrated with Parkop for this irrational move.

Almost every Open candidate in NCD respected Parkop. Why this stupid move to bond with Justin and let go his many thousands of votes in Moresby South? Oh dear oh dear... Human weakness has taken its toll on Parkop.

Will he still secure enough votes after this unpopular decision to retain his seat? I am troubled.

Moais Gabuar

I wouldn't put my money too soon on a first term politician like Powes Parkop for the PM's job. Let's be serious about all this. Here we have Don Polye, Belden Namah, Puka Temu, Anderson Agiru and the list goes on. So who would it be? Where there is money, there is power. The revenue base for NCD (hence the Governor) is substantial and therefore Powes Parkop may be percieved to have waved his magic wand and instantaneous miracles are manifesting all around the NCD. The same would be the case for any Governor who is previlaged to have similar revenue generating capacity.If Powes is member for Manus Open and made comparative achievements then I would be the first to make a donation for his nomination fee for re-election.
I know of one PM aspirant who will laugh this proposition off; and he is none other than Belden Namah. You see Belden Namah and two of his co-accused wouldnt have gone to jail for their involvement in the Sandline mutiny had Powes Parkop (who was their defence counsel in that military court-martial) not made a mess of their case because of his poor understanding of administrative military procedures including the Code of Military Discipline. No Sir, Powes Parkop, in my books, is not yet ready for the PM's post.
I propose to you a very mature, articulate, calculative, God-fearing and experienced candidate for the PM's post -Anderson Agiru!

Leonard Roka

Help develop your own backyards then extent.

Leonard Roka

Really, he had done some very great changes somewhere there!

Just had a gossip that Parkop is a Manusian by birth today, please do confirm. Manusians are said to wanting their son back.

If that's true that Mr Parkop is a Manusian, then sorry all for 'charity begins at home'.

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