Australian bar deeply concerned about chief justice

The title, good reader, will become apparent…


You can slip on me, I suppose
Make you sniff and wrinkle your nose
Only you know where I will go
Your faithful companion, come rain or snow

More often than not, I'm covered in dirt
Through grime and grot, I've trundled through worse
I take quite a lot, no grumble or curse
Of mates that you've got, I surely come first

Brush me, scrub me, make me feel new
Pull my tongue out and clean in there too
Rub the back of your calves and gleam up at you
If only a dog or a cat were as true

Females love me, yes, I can be cute
I hold them up high and build their repute
No matter the girl, she'll think me a beaut
I'm paired up from birth, created to suit

I'll never die, but I've got a sole
I'll serve you till my body's riddled with holes
Only you know just where I can go
Your faithful companion, look down below

The shoe.

Steven Haurahaela Ilave Jr (25) was born in Port Moresby.  His father is from the Ihu district in the Gulf Province and his mother is from Sarawak, Malaysia. He is the third born in a family of eight competitive children. He lived and went to school in Port Moresby completing primary and secondary school, reached second year in medical school (UPNG), then switched to aviation. He currently works with Air Niugini in Flight Operations.  His creative work is mostly with music but he has always been one to enjoy wordplay


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Michael Dom

Good rhyme and use of a familiar object in poetic style. The reading is, in both senses, vaguely familiar.

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