Aid budget cut will open Pacific to China
Hanuabadans: a people on the verge of extinction

What a life


Dripping thru the roof
Quietly standing aloof
Flooded floor
Never too sure
How I long for proof
A tweet here or there
A bow wow I can`t bear
Soaring past
Dashing fast
Does anybody care
A hearse I can see
Stung by a honeybee
Silent grief
Pain is brief
How can all this be

Fever I can feel
Hunger is no thrill
Shivering spine
Starving time
Life is so unreal
Dreams come and go
Let the river flow
Keeping dreams
Stopping streams
How can I do so
Searching far and wide
Taken for a ride
All in vain
Must be insane
Oh what a divide

Toiling in the sun
Fugitive on the run
Soaked in sweat
Disguised in dirt
Who said this was fun
A raindrop into the ocean
Everywhere, a commotion
Vanishing act
War in fact
Human nature in motion
Some things we must try
Otherwise, just stand and cry
Don`t understand
How this will end
You`re as human as I

Mea Miria Gavera (51) comes from Hanuabada near Port Moresby. He is a Liaison Officer – Foreign Missions with Itana Consultants, helping clients with their overseas visa and immigration needs.  He has been a church deacon since 2000.  He began writing poems and gospel songs in English and Motu about six years ago.  He is married with four children and an equal number of grandchildren


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Paul Woodward

Are you the Mea that was a student at Port Moresby High 1967? If so, we played cricket together!

Mrs Barbara Short

Thanks Mea. Yes, "human nature in motion"!

Same here in Sydney. Everyone seems to think life has to be hurried. Thank God for gardening!

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