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Advice to my son


This is a dedication to my children who accept things from my hands

You see
I see in you
The beauty of manhood
Take the pathways
I would

Your days
Are green with age
You will have won the crown
That many would wear
Take heed

Clean life
Set your pathways
To the promised land

Young one
I lived my life
Take out the good in me
You will live on
To the

May come
Sooner than time
A sure good step for ever
For the good ones
Pay back

Peter Kepa (54) comes from Nera Gaima in Kerowagi District in Simbu Province. He is married with six children. He is a writer and compiler of curriculum material for the Simbu English Teachers Association at the Provincial Education Office in Kundiawa


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Gareth Kome

This poetry is very inspirational. It reminds me of how I should treasure loved one’s and take heed of advice that is provided. Also to learn from the mistakes of others that would help me become a better person in the long run.

The poem also made me realize that at one point in life death will overcome the one you hold dear. The way my life will turn out is completely in my own hands.

I believe that it is targeted to everyone even though the poem portrayed the strongest bond of a father and a son. These are the lessons I have learnt after reading this piece of poetry.

The poem itself created a sense of security and sadness at the same time. It was very clear and with metaphors used well.

I recommend that the poet should write more and continue to write, it was thoroughly enjoyed.

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