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An encomium for governor Powes Parkop


Parkop_PowesIN MY VIEW Powes Parkop is still the best Port Moresby City Lakatoi Kapenana (Captain in Motu dialect) to continue his good works after the 2012 national elections.

There are many good reasons why Port Moresby, as capital city of Papua New Guinea, needs Parkop back as city governor for a second term.

First of all, Parkop has been the most successful governor of the National Capital District in this, his first five-year term at City Hall.

He has a well-proven track record of achievement in many community development initiatives since 2007 and the challenges over his five years as governor stand him in good stead to extend into a second term and further progress his vision of making Port Moresby the best city in the South Pacific.

In Parkop’s first term as governor he has also outperformed his parliamentary peers in most aspects of government services and development: whether in road sealing, improving law and order, or reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

He has also recorded achievements in the technical and economic empowerment of the people, infrastructure development, education, sports, and improving the city’s clean image including many community obligation initiatives.

A look at Parkop’s second term platform shows it covers subsidised housing, more roads and highways to ease traffic, conversion of settlements to proper suburbs ( starting with the awarding of title to those who occupy the land), building a ‘Motu-Koitabu Economy’, planning for future city expansion, and job creation.

The other contenders for the NCD governor’s seat are at a serious disadvantage in this election as most have had no prior experience of administering a big city like Port Moresby.

Over the last five years, Parkop has provided Port Moresby and NCD with credible leadership that is visionary, honest and transformational.

Port Moresby needs Powes Parkop for a second term: it will be a good future investment for city residents.


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