The way forward for the Motu-Koitabuans
Political pig-trading comes at a price in PNG

Belden Namah says Australia ‘interfered’ in election


PAPUA NEW GUINEA'S deputy prime minister Belden Namah has accused Australian officials of interfering in the national elections.

He also criticised prime minister Peter O'Neill for allowing the elections to go ahead despite the electoral roll not being ready.

Mr Namah had previously demanded the elections be deferred for six months because of his concerns about the electoral rolls.

He received the support of cabinet and the parliament, but Mr O'Neill sided with electoral commissioner Andrew Trawen and the elections went ahead a week ago.

Mr Namah says the election is a disaster and Mr O'Neill should be ashamed of having listened to the electoral commissioner and his Australian advisers.

The head of Australia's aid agency AusAID in PNG, Stuart Shafer, says there are 22 Australian advisers helping with the election.

"An update of the roll is PNG led and we have been very active in just providing the tools for Papua New Guineans to provide that update," he said.

Andrew Trawen admits there are big problems with the electoral roll.

"We have found evidence of deliberate actions by some to remove names, add names and modify the status of persons on the roll," he said.

"Once we have completed our enquiries I will refer these matters to the police."


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Colin Huggins

Thank God for SBS news. Seems that women will not do very well in the "big man's" parliament. Some very interesting comments by Dame Carol Kidu.

As for the latest outburst of this Namah person, he was previously referred to as "Great Leader, Dear Leader or Brilliant Comrade!" I have added "Great Nitwit" and, after this latest outburst against Australia, I upgrade Namah to "Great Ratbag".

If he buys the Prime Minister's position, it will be horrific for the people of PNG, and one wonders how other countries will respond? Could the "Bird of Paradise" be replaced by the "Vulture of Death".

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