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WARREN DUTTON, WHO SERVED in the second House of Assembly from 1968-72, has again nominated for parliament, in the seat of North Fly where he’s lived for 50 years.

“Old but bold,” Mr Dutton says of his candidacy, hoping to resume a political career that, after the first stint, kicked on again from 1977 to 1987 and included periods as Police Minister and then Justice Minister.

He has been the chairman of Ningerum Transport Ltd since 1969 and of North Fly Rubber. since 1992. He has also played a large part in seeking to secure the development and well-being of a region often described as being the poorest in Papua New Guinea.

Mr Dutton’s policies include continuing to promote the rubber industry by building roads and providing affordable river transport where it is more efficient than roads.

With the slogan “help all people to help themselves”, he also intends to cooperate with the Western Province administration, Ok Tedi Mining and other resource development companies to provide improved services to rubber growers, vanilla growers and “all other people who are prepared to work hard for their children’s future.”

Mr Dutton says he will also work with local level government to provide development projects at village level.

Among his more expansive policies is to assist West Papuan refugees become full citizens of PNG and to insist that all outstanding land disputes be mediated as soon as possible, “so that all true landowners can participate in the development of their traditional land.”


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Alex Harris

Wish I could vote.

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