The 2005 election in Bougainville’s ‘no go zone’
A myth of leadership: ‘young leaders are better’

Many of our PNG voters are election whores


PAPUA NEW GUINEA has never really had a bipolar parliament of left and right or progressive and conservative, whichever way you wanna see it.

In the next parliament we see developing now a quasi-polarized political situation of pro-Somare and anti-Somare.

Looks like we haven't seen the end of the political crisis.

I can't imagine O'Neill and Namah allowing Somare back into power. They and their accomplices risk being thrown into prison if they aren't in power.

The disciplinary forces are already compromised and it is difficult to see whether there will be any impartiality on their part.

Papua New Guinean voters can define their own destiny by not returning all 109 sitting MPs. But I have no faith in the gullible PNG voters. Many have become election whores.

In any case I expect record hits on my blog as this nation run by drunks staggers from one crisis to another.

Top week at the polls folks!


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Johnny Blades

Peter K, great clip! Nice to see the SBS crew embedded with the illegal PM, I'm sure it sets the scene for some balanced coverage.

Peter O'Neill as the provider. Provident.

Johnny Blades

It's not only the Aussies who keep a close watch on PNG. Radio New Zealand International has long had a real interest in PNG.

For years, it's kept up very consistent coverage of Pacific issues on a fraction of the ABC budget.

Johnny is perfectly correct in drawing our attention to this deficiency. Anf of course, Johnny himself performs a fine service in covering the Pacific and PNG for RNZI. Another Australian journalist who writes good analytical pieces, and who should have been mentioned, is Hamish McDonald of the SMH - KJ

Peter Kranz

Colin - Yes, I humbly submit that SBS World News is one of the best programs on OZ TV about news in the SW Pacific, which often has an honest report about PNG.

Closely followed by ABC's Foreign Correspondent, with Liam doing good work. Also kudos to Sean Dorney and Rowan Callick.

No one else seems to have a remote interest in REAL PNG, unless it's cannibalism, decapitating wives, exposing child molesters, or enjoying withcraft.

That's News Ltd and Fairfax for you.

And you mustn't forget Jo Chandler (The Age), Eoin Blackwell (AAP) and the many 'citizen journalists' who contribute to PNG Attitude - KJ

Colin Huggins

That was not the "infamous" Falcon 900 jet.
Just a turbo-prop aircraft.
I guess you also watch SBS news?
The only good international and domestic channel here to watch. But for me, far too much emphasis on "The World Game" - soccer!

Peter Kranz

World News Australia recently accompanied Peter O'Neill on his trip to Tari. Guess who the flight steward was?

Doesn't quite match the excellent Air Niugini in-flight service, but is an impressive start. The cameraman even gets offered lunch.

By the way - is that the infamous Falcon jet?

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