Walk of a lifetime
The challenges of sea and air travel in PNG

My beautiful country Papua New Guinea


DAWN RISES OVER THE HORIZON of my sleeping country, the land of beauty.  The birds of different colours and voices chant out their beautiful melodies in the tree tops to the vibrant sky and spilling onto the mountains and rivers; the fish of different sizes and shapes splash and dive in the sea, praising the lord for the new day.

The first rays of the sun spills over the mountains of the highlands and in the sleeping villages comes the sound of the beating of the kundu drums from the haus man.  On the peaceful coast comes the beating of the garamuts from the haus tambarans.

There is going to be a feast, come everyone, come all of you around the world, come and witness one of the greatest feasts your eyes have ever seen, come witness the people of my beloved country show their pride, their strength, their wealth and their cultures.  It will be one of the most beautiful scenes your eyes have ever seen, we will win your heart and your soul will be lost forever in the country of no return.

O my country your beauty will forever remain in my heart, the land of many languages, different cultures and one people united under heaven.  My beautiful country Papua New Guinea the good lord has richly blessed you; there is no other place on earth that I would rather be than to call you my home. 

O my country the land of the unexpected, the land of thanksgiving, the land of honey and milk, the land of freedom, the land of peace, the land where I was born and the land I will die in.

My beautiful country the land of sunshine and rain, my beloved home Papua New Guinea, the land where I lost my heart …

Noah Wakai (17) was born in Lae of parents from Kerowagi in Simbu Province.  He is in Year 10 at Kundiawa Lutheran High School.  He enjoys reading and writing poetry, where he can express his feelings about beautiful Papua New Guinea


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