Women candidates "hugely disadvantaged" in election
The way forward for the Motu-Koitabuans

Time for constitutional reform – let’s move on…


SO NAMAH’S PARTY (aka the PNG Party) claims to be the party for change.

Sadly, as we saw in his latest press release, Namah himself hasn’t changed.

Activist Effrey Dademo has called for constitutional reforms as a way forward. She joins outgoing Opposition Leader Dame Carol Kidu and numerous voices nationwide.

It wasn't the right time to raise the postponement of the election.

Belden Namah had his entire term as an MP in the last parliament to raise the issue. He never did so.

He had the chance to sack the Executive Council, and he didn't.

In fact he, along with others, renewed the EC's contract. He chose to raise it at time when there was power struggle!

Bottom line, he and others could not be trusted at the time, period!

What happened here was bound to happen anyway. It's an issue that has never been sold.

It's time for constitutional reform - a re-look at the systems and procedures we've "adopted"...not ours, not even tailor made to our circumstances, but "adopted"

Politics aside, people got screwed by the Electoral Commission, and Mr Trawen must step down immediately after the elections.

The new government must then work on creating a new system of democratic government that is more responsive to the needs of the people.


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Mrs Barbara Short

I agree, Martyn, that there is a need for constitutional reforms.

But I think that something which is probably also as important for the future of good politics in PNG is Political Education, especially in the Highlands provinces. It could be a proactive measure which could revolutionise the whole country.

New laws would have to be introduced by the parliament to outlaw the present process that is being followed in the Highlands provinces for this election.

In the Highlands provinces the person who is going to be elected to the parliament is the one with the greatest primodial ties, money and pigs.

He is given many gifts and they come with strings attached. Later, when he is elected, he is expected to reciprocate with two or three times the amount that he has been given.

So he is very likely to become corrupt so he can pay off these debts. His mind would be taken up with this worry and it would affect the way he voted for any bill before the parliament.

The average Highlander doesn't understand that politics should be about the "good of the country".

He thinks that it is a form of investment or gamble, for a future monetary win for himself. He has to pick the winner and give him gifts and then he, too, will become rich.

The need for political education, especially in the Highlands, is huge and I don't think PNG will progress smoothly without someone doing something about it.

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