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All the members: MPs of the East Sepik province


PosterWE CONTINUE TO PROFILE each of the newly-elected politicians in Papua New Guinea’s parliament. Every day we’re examining one or two provinces to take a close look at the people who will run PNG for the next five years.

The information in this series is derived from public sources and, in some cases, may not be accurate. We invite readers to offer corrections and additional material by contacting the editor here.

And so to the East Sepik, where all seats have been declared….


Michael SomareMichael Somare (East Sepik, National Alliance) is one of the elder statesman of the Commonwealth whose life and career needs no repetition here. After being thrown out of the prime ministership (and his seat) last year he successfully recontested it at the recent election, apparently made peace with his political nemesis O’Neill and, having returned his National Alliance to the governing coalition, stood down from its leadership. It’s fair to assume, though, that the controversies that continue to resonate from his running of PNG will not readily disappear.

Ezekiel Sigii Anisi (Ambunti-Dreikikir, People’s Progress Party) is a young (26) politician from a seat that some years ago elected PNG’s youngest-ever MP, Gabriel Ramoi, when he was aged just 22. Anisi attributed his victory to God and said he “would have been nobody without God”. He defeated the sitting member, prominent National Alliance figure, Tony Aimo. Anisi’s late father was Alex Anisi, secretary general of the PPP.

Ludwig SchulzeLudwig Schulze (Angoram Open, Pangu Pati) defeated Arthur Somare bringing to a halt any dynastic hopes the Somare family might have held. Schulze, originally from New Ireland, has been a businessman in Angoram for many years, dealing mostly in crocodile skins. At one time he had close links to Sir Julius Chan. Schulze was an inveterate candidate, first standing for election in 1982. He had lost the seat to Arthur Somare in 1997.

John Simon (at the wheel)John Simon (Maprik, National Alliance),a local businessman, defeated sitting member and ex-minister Gabriel Kapris, immediately set about reviewing the finances of the electorate and lost no time in saying he wanted a ministry, preferably Planning and Development, in the new government. The ousted Kapris called Simon “bossy” and claimed the MP-elect was already using Parliament letterhead to issue instructions to the district public servants without even being sworn into office. Kapris, who said he will appeal the result, claimed “the people are scared; the public servants are scared; I believe he wants to rule as a dictator.”

Jim Simatab (Wewak, National Alliance) is the sitting member and a former chairman of the Cocoa Board of PNG. Under Somare he was vice-minister for agriculture and livestock. Simitab once told the provincial police commander that he would assist police work even if it meant buying guns and bullets himself.

Joseph Yopyyopy (Wosera-Gaui, Social Democratic Party) was formerly the education services manager of the National Capital Development Corporation. He defeated sitting MP Ronald Asik.

Richard MaruRichard Maru OBE (Yangoru-Saussia, Independent), who holds an MBA degree from the University of Bath, was managing director of the National Development Bank since 2004. He previously held senior positions within private sector and state owned enterprises including the PNG Water Board and Shell PNG. He joined the then Rural Development Bank in 2004 when it was insolvent for the third time since its inception. During his term Maru turned the bank around. It returned an after tax profit of K9.3 million in 2011.


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Samuel Kamais

I am very delighted to see all the news about our political leaders.

Thomas Wurwur

I am happy to see our leaders from East Sepik showing their profiles,but I haven't seen your guy yet in terms of school fee support.

I am from Ambunti and he was the one to stand for Ezekiel when he arrive with prime minister Peter O'Neill in Ambunti for his by-election and some of his right hand men promised to support me for my school fees but I haven't seen any help.

I went to Port Moresby to look for him but no sign of him. Please help me. I am out of the country and need school fees.

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