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BELDEN NAMAH | PNG Party Press Release

Belden Namah is greeted by supportersPAPUA NEW GUINEA WENT INTO the 2012 national election looking for change; looking at fixing the wrongs of the past and bringing much needed reforms into our country.

More importantly Papua New Guinea went into the 2012 national election to bring change in the leadership of our country. Leadership that can advocate and champion change.

My party, the PNG Party, stands for change.

What PNG must see is that same old players are coming back into our political playing field. Many of these politicians are responsible for destroying young leaders in the past. They will only suppress and marginalize the emergence of young and vibrant leaders of our country.

The same politicians are also responsible in the downturn of our economy.
The same politicians are also responsible for the deteriorating conditions of basic services to our people. This is all due to bad leadership.

This battle is not mine. This is the battle for the simple people of this country. In other words, this is Papua New Guinea’s battle.

I stand to fight against corruption if it means sacrificing my own life.

The elected leaders who love our country must now rise up and realize the characteristics and deeds of the various political party leaders and various other leaders.

For far too long since our independence we have seen leaders in our country who have taken our people for a ride. Greed and selfishness has taken over their responsibilities to deliver basic services to our people.

I want to appeal to my brothers and sister members, who are newly elected or re-elected into parliament, to stand up for your people, to stand up for PNG. Now is the opportunity to join our camp of parliamentarians who do not have tainted or questionable reputations.

Leaders who do not have allegation of corruption such as the NPF Enquiry, the Public Service Housing Scheme or the illegal payments made to a certain law firm amounting to millions of kina.

I appeal to those leaders to come out of Babylon.

Change does not come from the Haus Tambaran, Change must come to the Haus Tambaran.

My fellow elected brothers and sisters, let’s stand together and form a government comprising of young, vibrant, selfless and God-fearing leaders. Let us serve our people without fear or favour.


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Joe Wasia

We want a government that will fight corruption and not accommodate corruption. The incumbent PM should should invite only THE, PNG, URP and smaller parties with independents to form a government that will unveil all the wrongs made by those corrupt leaders.

Here are list of few corrupt practices: Indonesia saga, NPF saga, Julian Moti affair, 300 million dollars in Cayman Island deal, Privatization, Sandlines Crisis, selling off 50% of B-mobile telecommunication, establishment of Petromin PNG Ltd, and many more of this nature.

Trevor Freestone.

Namah would also need to explain the destruction and lack of development in his own electorate and the reason why he has huge overseas bank accounts. I for one would not volunteer to be a chair carrier for him.

Words mean nothing if they are designed to mislead the people. The prosperity of PNG relies on Honest actions designed to develop the villages.

The villagers don't understand how they can influence the Haus Tambaran so just put trust in their local member. Its time the members repaid this trust and performed in such a way that the villages benefit.

Harry Topham

To those living in glass houses, caution is needed

Pangia Ialibu Voter

Namah is a progressive and action oriented leader. He is exposing the "untouchable rot" at the Judiciary so that light can finally light shine in there.

Nobody had the guts to do this - saying the Judiciary is independent, thus covering tolerating the perpetuity juridical bias, bribery and miscarriage of uncountable justices

He is the kind of "less talk and more action" leader we need right now to drain away the filthy still water that haven been accumulating in all spheres of life in PNG.

O'Neill also resonates with that action and less talk mindset.

Look at the way Task Force Sweep was set up spontaneously and the chills that it sent down the spines of thieving and corrupt politicians and their crony bureaucrats.

O'Neill may be tainted with allegations of theft, but his government can and has the political willpower and balls to put an end to this madness of corrupt culture.

Compare that with Somare, and you will find the Sukudimi hiding and covering up his thieving ministers and crony bureaucrats.

O'Neill - the vote of confidence has been given to you in by the citizens of PNG, represented in those 20 plus elected MPs and the others who are leading in their respective electorates.

Please do not entertain Somare, Wingti, Pruaitch and Duma.
That is Babylon! Namah is right in this.

Please get into a coalition with Namah's PNG Party, Polye's THE Party, Sir Julius Chan's PPP, th Allan Marat's Melanesian Liberal Party, Garry Juffa's People's Movement for Change plus some of those quality independent member elect candidates like Richard Maru of Yongouru Sausia.

O'Neill the people of this country do not want Somare and this other ganf in your circle. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. They will rob you of the confidence that the overwhelming number of citizens of this country gave to PNG.

Nine years of missed opportunity and squandering by Somare and his NA Party is enough.

Ruth Buassi

I do believe PNG needs very drastic changes in leadership to turn the corner to total prosperity.

Belden Namah may be the vessel to take us on this journey to this prosperity.

If he can explain away the casino saga in Australia, i would believe in him more than ever.

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