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National affairs: When the sheeple elect sheep

Prognostications of a complex treachery to come


They can't all be winners....I DID NOT WANT AND EXPECT Peter O'Neill to throw in with Somare and his baggage (Patrick Pruaitch et al) at all. This is betraying the people's trust.

There is no need for reconciliation - it's just mending pride and egos, and financial rewards using state funds.

It doesn't solve the roads and major hospital problems.

If O’Neill really is serious about solving these ills, he’ll be well advised not to stay in the shadows of these guys. Now that he did this, including Paias Wingti and Julius Chan, it is the beginning of his downfall.

I really don't know what these guys can offer PNG that they haven't done in the last 40 years.

Now that O'Neill has played his hand, my predictions are as follows:

1. The Electoral Commission will recommend to the Governor-General, who will invite O'Neill to form the government as he has the majority of elected members.

2. When he turns up in Parliament he will find that he won't have an absolute majority.

3. The majority will be with Don Polye, William Duma, Belden Namah and the other independents and minor parties if Namah can flash his cash now. They will be waiting for O’Neill at the Parliament.

4. During the calling of nomination for the Speaker, Duma or Alan Marat will be nominated by Polye/Namah/Duma camp. I don’t know who O’Neill’s nominee will be – maybe Jeffrey Nape if he is back.

5. During calling of nomination for Prime Minister, O'Neill will be nominated and on the other side either Polye or Duma will be nominated by Namah. I don't think Namah at this stage might take the prime ministership but will show O'Neill who propped him up previously.

5. O'Neill, Somare, Chan and Wingti will find themselves in the Opposition for the next five years. This will be O'Neill's price for betraying the people.

Remember that Namah, Polye and Duma made it clear before the election that they wanted to be PM.

They will discuss amongst themselves and put one of themselves up against O'Neill now that he has teamed up with the clowns who have been there for 40 years. Somebody needs to warn O'Neill now.

And Martyn Namorong is correct: Somare et al are wolves in sheep’s skin and they need to be isolated from the cash box.


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Bernard Yegiora

Jeffery Nape was eliminated today.

Kerenga Kua will be the new member elect for the Sinasina Yongomugl electorate.

Joe Wasia

Congratulations! Mr Polye, O'Neill and Duma for making your way back.

Stephen Cox

Remember the real treachery lies beyond these untrustworthy types as in many cases around the world they will sell whole countries into slavery under the control of the United Nations and the liars and crooks within that group.

Look carefully not just at politicians but multinational companies and especially the NGO groups for they will seek to rule over you through stealth while you are focused on the political class of clowns whose job is to distract you.

Fishermen in Australia have been betrayed and sold out by the federal government and almost half a million fools across the whole world have lobbied to lock up Australian waters from fishermen.

Yet at the same time the federal government has opened up other areas and allowed an EU factory type trawler to plunder the pelagic fisheries. This ship is heading toward Tasmania under contract.

They have already plundered the coast of Africa and local fishermen have seen catches diminish to a level where they cannot feed themselves.

Beware of similar treachery on the coast of Papua. Australia was sold out by people from across the world; beware my friends in PNG

If you think your voices are not heard now it will be far worse if the United Nations achieves it's aim of world governence. Be wary and research far and wide those who offer solutions for there is much treachery across the world at present.

Joe Wasia

We don't want Somare et al to team up with O'Neill. Those MPs have ruined the nation's image.

William Kep

I always considered Namah to be the better man. There is so much history and baggage of O'Neill and his new found friends. My support is with Belden Namah!

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