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Who would lead us Péngé?


In the temple of our democracy
The tome of our founding law
Has been torn asunder
And the desecraters
Elevated to demi-gods
For whom, upon corrupted altars,
Our children’s futures are surrendered.

But would we see our nation rise?
It is for us to become a sacrifice.

Who would lead us Péngé?
Would it be you my friend?

Go then to the temple
And hurl yourself upon the altar
A sacrifice for an unrepentant lot.

You who would lead us
What right is yours?
What glory?
What duty?
What destiny?
A privilege indeed
A blessed burden.


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Zenaleze Abage

This piece of poetry, depicts the current political status in Papua New Guinea today. There are leaders with intentions good and bad, afew dedicate their lives to provide service for the people of PNG.

The future citizens of the country will face worse problems due to selfish decisions made today. The metaphor effectively conveyed the theme that as a democratic country we still lack.

I am pessimistic about the way leaders in this country make amendments to laws then, they do not follow what the law states.

Basically for the common good, leaders have to be positive about the changes, however, conscious of the negative impacts on the people and their lifestyle.

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