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An old acquaintance – Mr Angry Anger


I know you! I see you! I now know you, I didn’t before.

You were here yesterday, last week; last month… you’ve been around a while haven’t you?

You know your way around, you know your paths of least resistance, and you know how to recognise your victims - the naïve, defenceless beings yet to learn your conniving ways, yet to recognise you through your crafty disguises.

You’re a smooth operator, suave, you know how to mingle, charm and entice your victims.

You’ve many a-times pretended and convince me that we were friends -

“I’m your friend, I’ll give you strength” I’ve heard you whisper many times before, and I believed you, oh did I believe you.

You convinced me our combination was invincible, indestructible and I thought we could do anything together and no matter what? No-one could ever touch us. You fuelled me with righteous indignation, which severed my power of reason, my rationality, and my mind.  Such was your luring influence, you master of illusion.

In our passion fuelled frenzies we built houses of cards and on numerous occasions you led me to the precipice of my life and tried to convince me against my mind that I could fly.  But then it all came tumbling down on me, I imploded as reality compressed around me while you, you disappeared into thin air.

Once again I found myself alone, floating in the middle of the ocean of life on that wooden thatched raft which is reality, which is existence, which is nature.

I forgive myself, for I am human and I am alive.  I am, therefore I can and will think.  I now know you are an effect, not a cause.  I, and I alone have within me the power to cause the effects I desire.  It may take a while, but there is land on this Earth, and I’ll get there on this wooden raft of mine.

We’ll meet again and I might even invite you to sail with me on occasions, but on my terms, I’ll be in control… not you.


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Belinda Mackoska

You are amazing. Very proud of you!

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