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AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER Julia Gillard has left the APEC summit in Vladivostok prematurely because of her father's death, but not before completing some important diplomatic business.

Ms Gillard and Papua New Guinea prime minister Peter O’Neill this morning signed the formal agreement that will allow Australia to send asylum seekers to Manus for processing.


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Fidelis Lai

It's so bad for PNG government to just follow the Australian government decision. Why not stand on there grounds and make assessment to the later effects and benefits to our local citizens. This is an example of selfish leaders that are not fit enough to govern the country.

Lthiana Nondebia

I don't understand why Papua New Guinea is being involved in this kind of situation.

The asylum seekers decided to seek refuge in Australia, not PNG.

PNG is a developing country and we are still on our way to achieve development and we are not ready to take big responsibility like givig a piece of land that will allow Australia to send those asylums here and also look after them.

Australia is a well developed country, and it is big in terms of land area, so it should look after them.

I do not see any reason why prime minister Peter O'Neill could have signed the agreement with Australian prime minister Julia Gillard.

It is good that Peter O'Neill wants to build a good relationship with Australia but he must think of PNG's future not of only today.

Peter Kranz

That's a great point Flinstone. Touche!

I think we all know it's from the Aussie national anthem, actually written by a Scot.

Mugau Jerominah

Honestly I don't like this idea.

Australia is a well developed country with a a huge landmass and resources to cater for those people. Why PNG?

And if Australia wants to keep them in safe hands, OK find a place in Australia so it will be under your watchful eyes.

Flinstone Segeben

I don't see any reason within PNG's national interest to take on the Manus deal. I mean it is not our problem in any sense.

If Australia is where they are heading to, then I know for sure that Australia as a developed state is a much safer place and has all the resources necessary to process them there.

"For those who've come across the seas / We've boundless plains to share".

Now where did I hear that? Can somebody enlighten me, please?

Mrs Barbara Short

Hi Wasuak,
Australia just wants the "refugees" to be in a safe place where they can be assessed to see if they are genuine refugees.

There are many people seeking refugee status in Australia. They have to queue up to be assessed but people feel many of the boat people are trying to jump the queue and also some are not genuine refugees.

I am friendly with a refugee from Romania who swam across the Danube River to Yugoslavia and ended up in a UN Refugee camp. His family were persecuted in Romania at that time and he was assessed by the UN and granted refugee status in Australia. Others from his family went to the US.

There are many people on the move today looking for a better place for their family and their children. Australia appeals to many as "a better place". These people apply to become migrants. They have to wait their turn.

I feel many of these boat people are not true refugees, just people who want to migrate to Australia but who do not want to "wait their turn". But some are genuine refugees and we want to help them.

The poor Indonesian fishermen and their old fishing boats are being exploited by "people smugglers" who are ripping off these "boat people". Hundreds have paid a lot of money to the people smugglers only to have drowned at sea.

We want to use a stay in Manus and Nauru as deterrents, to stop this illegal trade in people.

Zenitram Dee (aka M Wasuak)

So is Peter O’Neil a visionary leader? If there will be no impact of this agreement in the future, that’s fine, but the future is yet to reveal.

Why not Julia Gillard keeps the refugees in her developed country then sending them to her developing independent neighbour?

Leaders of today and upcoming leaders of PNG, you have the authority and don’t let the powers of the wealthy self undermine your authority.

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