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Melinda and McLaren Webster


MY PATERNAL AUNT MARJORIE and her husband Bob, late of Cooranbong in NSW and wonderful people, turned to Seventh Day Adventism in the 1950s

That side of our family remains securely within and firmly committed to the Church.

Today, at the Woollahra Seventh Day Adventist Church in Sydney, Marjorie and Bob's grandson, Maclaren (the son of Carol and Neville Webster of Dubbo), married Melinda Pomat.

They are gorgeous.

Melinda is the daughter of Chalapi Pomat who lives in Newcastle, NSW, and his wife June, who lives in Honiara.

Melinda is a high school teacher and Maclaren works for property company Jones Lang Lasalle.

Chalapi, an occasional contributor to PNG Attitude, is originally from Manus and June is from the Solomons. He is a senior mechanical design engineer at the prominent engineering, procurement and construction firm WorleyParsons.

The Jacksons are delighted to share a family with this great couple and we wish them the very best and most fulfilled future.

My dodgy back prevented me from being there in person (not in spirit), but I was well represented by Ingrid, who took the photo.


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Chalapi Pomat

Keith - sorry to hear about your dodgy back, preventing you from attending the wedding, which was so beautiful. I was so looking forward to meeting you.

Keith, welcome to the family. Maclaren is a fine young man and I am a very content and happy father. I now have a son.

The timing of the wedding was one of the reasons that prevented me from joining my younger brother Manuai Matawai on his epic voyage on ClimateChallenger - who would have loved to be at the wedding as well.

Maclaren has a lot to learn about the seafaring exploits and adventures of the Titan. That won't be too hard now that he is part of the family.

One day we'll sit down and swap stories of the sea, Chalapi. I've got a few tales from my two years in the Maldive Islands, during which time I travelled over most of the archipelago in a small boat - KJ

Peter Kranz

Well congrats! This is lovely. Perfect and beautiful.

Keith - I didn't know we shared both an SDA and PNG heritage! And the steel city!

I know the church - sorry I wasn't there.

But they didn't wear bilas. (Probably not acceptable in Woollahra).

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