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PNG flag rendered as badgeAS THE SUN SET on the afternoon of 15 September 1975 the Australian flag came down for the last time from Hubert Murray Stadium, in Papua New Guinea’s capital of Port Moresby.

Almost 70 years of Australian governance was coming to an end. The next day, a different flag, black and red with a golden bird of paradise rose on Independence Hill, near a newly established Parliament House.

In contrast to other recently formed independent states in the world, the change in authority in Papua New Guinea was marked not by bloodshed but by celebration.

Sir John Guise, the first Governor General said at the flag lowering ceremony ‘It is important the people of Papua New Guinea and the rest of the world realise the spirit in which we are lowering the flag of our colonisers. We are lowering the flag, not tearing it down.’

As a proud member of the commonwealth, PNG remained within the realm of the Queen, and as part of the Royal Jubilee celebrations Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will be visiting Papua New Guinea in November this year.

The spectacular natural beauty and cultural diversity of the world’s second largest island happily welcomes the increasing influx of tourists.

Visitors come to admire the stunning scenery and enjoy some of the best bird-watching in the world. Papua New Guinea is home to the glorious birds of paradise and over 750 various species.

It is also renowned for superb trekking on the famous Kokoda and Black Cat trails and diving the coral reefs or seeking out WW2 wrecks.

An expansion in both international and domestic aviation capacity driven in part by economic activity is ensuring easier access.

The national carrier, Air Niugini has regular services from Singapore, Hong Kong, and other Asian and Australasian hubs, making this stunning country a fine destination for the traveller.


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Joe Wasia

Independence? I'm confused what to celebrate. Please anyone, tell me.

I often wonder what this beloved country would look like if the so many billions of kina stolen by our selfish corrupt leaders were used on infrastructure, education, health, transport, and other such things as businesses, people’s welfare, school materials, medical drugs and vehicles for government agencies.

Please Papua New Guineans, don't be too excited. Sit down and think how far we came and where we will go from here. Learn from things we have done wrong.

Big thanks to Aussie government for granting Independence in 1975.

Kaiam Mono

Big thanks to the founders of this nation who were indeed talented in bringing up of Independence on this day 1975. It is appreciated that the Aussie Government has granted Independence on a golden plate.

Sadly, the nation has never gone any further after the independence. I question the celebrations on this date. Are we celebrating the any achievement/development in the country? What are we celebrating?

Is PNG a true independent nation? We heavily dependent of donors and Aids for the last 36 years. And that doesn't define the real meaning of Independent. When are we going to define the true meaning of independent.

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