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AN AUSTRALIAN EXPATRIATE based in Papua New Guinea will face a Melbourne court for alleged involvement in a gun smuggling racket in the Pacific.

Prominent PNG businessman Ian Chow was arrested in Sydney by Australian Federal Police early last month.

An AFP spokeswoman confirmed they arrested a 49-year-old male Australian citizen in Chatswood.

"The man was charged with one count of aid, abet, counsel or procure the export of prohibited goods," she said.

PNG has a strict embargo on weapons and ammunition importation due to high levels of violent gun crime and Mr Chow, a licensed sports shooter, is alleged to be involved in the illegal supply of ammunition via Lae Biscuit Company containers sent from Australia.

Mr Chow is the chief executive officer for Lae Biscuit Company and the regional director for the International Practical Shooting Confederation.

He appeared before Parramatta Local Court on 5 August before being extradited to face Melbourne Magistrate's Court on 20 August. His next Melbourne court appearance is on 12 November.


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Fidelis Lai

I think such people like him should not be entertained in our country. I would suggest that, the best solution is that, let the law dealt with him and so just put a total restriction upon him giving him a 100% chance of not entering our country again. Thank you

Joe Wasia

This tells all that not only Asians play such games. Everyone here ruins this nation?

Nevegapa Abeya Sam

Those people who act smart and smuggled illegal weapons into the country should face the law.

People who are regarded as leaders are involved in this kind of illegal activity. What are they trying to prove to us?

Instead of showing character and becoming a role model, they get involved in such illegal activity which is against the constitution of the country. They should be punished under the law.

If this happens, then I think tribal fights in the highlands will come to an end. My village has been destroyed. Some of my tribesmen were killed and property was destroyed just because of the illegal smuggling of guns.

I wish the smuggling was stopped. I can't do anything because I don't have a power as one person.

Can government step in to help solve that problem for me as well as other highlands people and our country as a whole?

Lynne Shirley

PNG does not need any more guns - thank you very much Mr Chow!

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