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'Waiting': a poem of dedication to the people of W Papua


THIS POEM IS A SPECIAL dedication to the Melanesians who are still waiting for freedom in West Papua. It has been a long wait and struggle for the West Papuans who have suffered, cried, died and been buried for their efforts to achieve what they long for - freedom, autonomy and independence….

Free_west_papua_from_uwipLife has gone from bad to worse
As tears in our eyes, as now we realise
Extortion and exploitation
Whispers out words of courage and strength

But where is the smell of the one they desire
Many have cried for generations
Many have died for the love to be a nation
Many have left for refuge in other nations

They cry out to us, yet we ignore their unending plea
The sufferings are of a distorted heart
Imploring the world to see their struggles unrewarding
Where’s their human right? Where’s the Justice?
Their equality and the freedom

Many have asked no one as answered.
Over a million decades, over so many arrangements
Yet no one has tried to ask the commander.
Yet no one has sought a bonding.
Yet many say it’s a sensitive mishap.
Yet many are afraid of the Second richest commander

So what is left for my West Papua?
Breaking storms and tribulations.
A Melanesian Princess waits for her Prince
to come and rescue her from the wicked dragon
Who will be her Prince?

Rancour and unjust treatment has driven hell to the Garden of Eden
A curse of hatred and racism has flowed across the land
Ethnicity is wanting to win
But a burden when you immigrate to the Garden of Eden

The cultures so diverse, the dances are a swing
The traditions are unique, telling the one what we can bring
Motions we glance, artistic we view
Mystical traces, as they come in few

So desperate they beg their wantoks
Please let us in; let us be your own

Though in someone’s house
They still long to have their own home free from the commanders’ rule

Yet rallies have come, rallies have gone
Support this struggle, support us strive
Yet big guns, big shots and bigmen
Close their ears for they don’t want

To carry the Prince’s crown, to have it on a throne
As the commander looks on, big boys keep silent
Now everyone is waiting for the Prince
Because the commander is dangerous
The second richest across the land,

But not too clever, not too fit, but yet he is feared by everyone
The perception is, when the commander is angry
He has the general, who both are cousins
What could happen, they will dictate the land
So please the Princess is waiting, who will be her Prince?

Written on 7 May 2011 during my time at the University of Papua New Guinea. This poem is a plea of help for the people of West Papua


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Robin Suang

It is better to say that Australia has closed it ears on the issue. There is something we could do, and that is someone has to be the best friend of Indonesian President and convince him. I believe one day West Papua will gain independence. Though I am a Papua New Guinean, I believe that Melanesians are obligued to help other Melanesians. The time is now..

Mrs Barbara Short

Australia is to have a seat on the UN Security Council so maybe it is now time for representatives of the indigenous peoples of West Papua to approach the Australian government and ask their representative to speak out for them at the UN.

Evidently Australia is supposed to be bringing matters from the Asia-Pacific region to this council.

This problem in West Papua sounds like a clash of cultures and the attempted take-over of lands by an Asian race from an indigenous race, who are similar to the peoples of PNG.

David Wall

Robin, how just is your cry, but alas, how few hear you!
It's a great pity Australia doesn't listen to the Melanesians from West Papua, and forget other pragmatic geopolitical considerations that are of so little worth!

Deus vobiscum -- God be with you!

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