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Old International Training Institute now on Facebook


International Training InstitutePNG ATTITUDE PAYS TRIBUTE to the former Australian School of Pacific Administration (ASOPA) in various ways, including the retention of the name in our internet address.

A little remembered aspect of ASOPA, which ended its illustrious life in 1973, was that it morphed into another great learning institution, the International Training Institute (ITI).

But whereas ASOPA had trained and orientated young Australian professionals to work in the former Territory of Papua New Guinea, when it transitioned into ITI it made a 180 degree turn.

Instead of being a colonial training establishment, ITI brought together middle managers from countries in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific to improve their management skills and give them a leg up.

It flourished for 15 years until 1987 until being cruelly put down by what is now AusAID for reasons that remain obscure.

ITI was a great idea that has never been adequately replaced in Australia.

IngridNow a Facebook page has been developed by Ingrid (Hallein) Jackson (pictured) who lectured in human resources management at ITI from 1981-86.

Ingrid would like to hear from any people who participated in the wonderful ITI project as staff or fellows (students). You can go to the Facebook page or email her here.

“ITI was primarily a centre for sharing knowledge and apply knowledge to real problems,” Ingrid said.

“It did not base its programs on the premise that its staff of specialists knew all the answers.

“Its development philosophy stemmed from the belief that if experienced and well-motivated people from a variety of backgrounds worked together in a systematic way then, collectively, they could develop successful approaches to even the most formidable problems.”


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Mrs Barbara Short

Interesting. I always wondered what happened to ITI. I applied to teach there at some stage after I returned from PNG at the end of 1983 but didn't get the job.

I just had to learn to fit back into the Sydney high schools system. It was not easy and my students would give a moan when I illustrated my explanations with something that happened in PNG.

I think I gradually fitted back into the Australian culture, but PNG had changed me as a person, and it is now great to renew my PNG contacts through PNG Attitude.

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