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PM on drug suspects’ mystery assignation in Moresby

Radio New Zealand International

PAPUA NEW GUINEA’s prime minister Peter O’Neill says the private jet which transited through Port Moresby carrying two controversial Vanuatu diplomatic passport holders was checked thoroughly by officials.

The passengers were Charles Henry Saken and Pascal Anh Saken, the owner of the super yacht Phocea (pictured) which has been detained in Vanuatu since July when it was seized on suspicion of passport fraud and drug trading.

After arriving last Thursday, the jet’s passengers reportedly met with Vanuatu’s foreign minister Alfred Carlot who, according to Vanuatu’s government, was in Port Moresby on a private mission.

PNG officials briefly detained the passports of the passengers and Mr Carlot.

O’Neill said PNG had reason to believe some of the passengers on the plane had questionable backgrounds, requiring a background check.

He says the jet departed on Sunday night after an investigation by officials.

“They concluded that they have not breached any particular laws of our country other than not getting proper clearance for the plane to land,” O’Neill said.

“The host country [Vanuatu] that has given the diplomatic passports to these persons requested they be allowed to transfer through our country and of course we have no choice but to comply with that.”


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Ben Akuani

I just wonder were those PNG officials thoroughly checked the jet?
For what have came out through the media they only mentioned that the officials only checked the passengers passport without doing a proper check on the jet.
I just can't imagined if tonnes of drugs were inside that jet that time and those government officials just turned blind eyes on that.

Peter Kranz

There are many wild theories flying around about the mystery plane flight.

It apparently came from the UK via the Bahamas, Mali, the Maldives, then POM [Post Courier].

A strange route.

And why did the Saken brothers request to be allowed to sleep on the plane, once it landed, to "carry out their business"?

There's a lot more to this story.

Ganjiki D Wayne

I'm lost. Since when do we have "no choice but to comply"?

We are a sovereign nation not subject to a demand from another sovereign.

Vanuatu "requested". Not "commanded".

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