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The great Sherlock Holmes New Guinea mystery


Egad! It has been revealed that Sherlock Holmes had an adventure in Papua New Guinea. It has been penned by my redoubtable self after spending many months delving deep into the archives of the British Library and Das Bundesarchiv. (Obviously has too much time on his hands – Ed)

ADLER POINTED the dreaded Luger directly at Holmes head. "Give me the information from Howard now!"

Holmes calmly closed his copy of the South Pacific Post and looked with steely eyes at Adler.

"Have you heard some of the local stories collected by the Cochranes? Or the evidence collected by the remarkable Queen Emma?"

"Holmes you are merely attempting to confuse me. Now give me the information!"

"I think you will find that under international law Germany has no rights or privileges over this land"

"Holmes, you will now die!"

"As you wish Ms Adler, but there is a fiercesome warrioress from a famed Simbu clan behind you with a stone axe aimed at your skull. I believe her reflexes are quicker than yours."

To begin, and thereafter continue in serial parts, from the morrow...


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Peter Kranz

Be warned! The new Australian anti-terror coordinator is none but Moriarty! He claims his first name is Greg, but this is obviously a sleight-of-hand, a misdirection from the master, the chief crime consultant himself!

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