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Asia, once you had doctrines so sound…

LEONARD FONG ROKA | Supported by the Jeff Febi Writing Fellowship

LeonardFour years ago I wrote this poem out of frustration and anger listening to Radio Australia news dominated by Asian asylum seekers and boat people always fighting their way into Australia.

It is my personal view on Asian countries that cannot protect the rights of their citizens leading them to death on the high seas off the coast of Australia or letting them to sadly wander around the world as if they are some migratory animals.

I think
You were human
Down history's road.
Once colonised and enslaved.
Subjugated you were…
People of the great Asian land
Who bitterly blooded
For freedom.

But  why?
You had doctrines, so sound
Invented in the snowfields of Siberia;
Befriended one power in the cold war our then bipolar world
Then shut your door kingdom as
“Asia for Asians” and
Fought for freedom?

Hitherto you fought the imperialist man
Screaming wildly
In Israel,
In Afghanistan, and
In the tangle of Vietnam.
You fought and bled for Asian freedom
You said vividly.

But why,
Deserting your birth country,
“Asia for Asians”
Like an insane fellow
And risk your life
Floating across the oceans?
Why disturb me in my Oceania?
Boat fellow, you
Fear that long sounded
Asian freedom?


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Bernard Yegiora

A wonderful poem.

The rise of Asia as depicted in the 'Asian Century White Paper' of Australia is literally changing the world we live in.

I really love this statement made by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in her Foreword;"Whatever else this century brings, it will bring Asia’s rise".

Asians of various nationalities are flooding into countries like Papua New Guinea.

Not only Asians of Chinese descent but others as well.

Michael Dom

Inspired Leonard. Challenging thinking.

Sometimes our first poetic thoughts, the sparks of a flame, are the best to sparkle into flame, othertimes we may need to fan them. This write is in the former group methinks.

I can appreciate your sense of the struggles of people against oppressive government regimes.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the insidious tactics seemingly being used by our PNG Bigmen.

Jeff Febi

Those who wander the high seas have not yet found what their forefathers fought for.

Along the road, some smart idiot came by and turned their dreams into nightmares.

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