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Holmes in NG: The adventure of the black pearl 3


SalomeHOLMES TURNED TO INSPECTOR VEX, late of the Papuan Constabulary. “Who is that Simbu bodyguard you previously engaged for us?"

"She goes by the name of Salome. She’s from a clan in Goglme in Simbu highlands territory and is considered the best warrioress of the 1,000 New Guinea tribes.

"She will look after you if you don't cross her. Her skills are fierce and her heart is true."

Holmes - "I will be careful with my words, I vouch. Can you arrange for me to speak with her now?"

Vex, employing some Tolai contacts from his police days, soon brought the warrioress to the detective.

Holmes - "Salome, can you tell me more about this Moriati and what he is up to? And pray tell me the source of your information?"

Salome - "Mr Holmes, I am a secret friend of a powerful lady who lives not far from here at Kokopo. She is called a Queen, but comes from further east in the Pacific.

“The Queen supports our people and has been gathering information about the black pearl trade to thwart the scoundrels who are exploiting us. She has information which I believe you need."

Holmes - "Salome, could you inveigle an invitation for myself and my colleague Watson to meet this remarkable Queen?"

"I will try Mr Holmes. But beware, there are agents of the enemy watching our every move."

The evil Moriarty was indeed watching Holmes and Watson. His spies were in abundance.

A servant discreetly left the homestead and communicated to a second man who told a third: "Queen Emma! Conspiracy with British! Inform him!"

Holmes, Watson and Salome were in for a rough ride over those broken potholed tracks of New Britain.

They had not anticipated a journey that would have them meet a tropical Queen and then take them to the glowing red heart of an active volcano.


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