Walking out rich from the Bougainville government
ANZAC cooperation: put Bougainville up on the agenda

Holmes in NG: The adventure of the black pearl 4


HOLMES AND WATSON walked up the magnificent steps to Queen Emma's sumptuous Kokopo residence dressed in the best evening attire that Mr Chin could provide at short notice.

A dreamlike apparition in a glorious white evening gown swept across the floor to greet them.

"Herrs Adelheid and Shwantz, how delighted to meet you!" So they encountered the amazing Queen Emma, necklace by Fabergé and enveloped in the intoxicating aroma of Amour Amour from M Jean Patou.

Holmes recognised the scent of 50 separate French perfumes from the merest whiff, one of his many skills.

"Delighted to meet you Ma'am," whispered Holmes hoarsely, his breath momentarily taken away. "Can we talk in private?"

"Why Mr Holmes, that is rather forward, but in this climate extravagances sometimes have to be accommodated. Come with me".

Holmes - “Can you tell me about the illicit trade in black pearls?”

Queen Emma - "Yes, there is one Moriarty, whom I have been observing for some time. He occupies a secret lair at Tavurvur. Moriarty subverts the local people and is planning some evil scheme against the Papuan territory, and possibly Australia. His power comes from control of the black pearl trade. You have heard of this?"

Holmes - "Indeed Queen, that is why we are here. We need your help."

"What do you need?"

"Merely a few coconuts, brimstone, some saltpetre and coral, ma'am."

"You are planning a clandestine operation?"

"With great respect, ma'am I cannot divulge the details, but we would be eternally grateful for your help."

"So be it Mr Holmes."


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Peter Kranz

Sorry - I made a mistake with the photo. That is Queen Emma of Hawaii.

The Queen Emma at Rabaul was of course Emma Coe, and was even more beautiful and known also as "Queen Emma of New Guinea", Emma Forsayth, Emma Farrell and Emma Kolbe. Her story is more interesting than anything Watson could have penned.



I enjoy the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and somehow feel my first wife from Rabaul was related to Queen Emma.

Links were there but not flaunted, and her mother spoke 'High German' and was of similar confusing heritage. So there is a double interest.

Thanks for the story, I will continue reading avidly.

Rules are we need a last name, Brian, unless there is some very good reason for remaining anonymous - KJ

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