A picturesque farewell present from a grateful nation
And then? And then?

Holmes in NG: The adventure of the black pearl 7


Bomb_blastA BUG-EYED MORIARTY quaked as the cool blade of Salome’s bushknife caressed his throat.

Holmes - “First question, Moriarty, tell me your source for the famous black pearls?”

“I will never reveal that secret!”

Salome pressed the bushknife closer to the carotid artery and hissed “Answer, sangumaman!”

Swiftly drawing a pouch from his pocket, Moriarty blurted: “I have some sacred leaves here, warriorwoman, which I believe you will respect.

“This is the Namah plant with Somare extract to render you powerless.”

Salome fell back as if struck by a rock. “You have the secret of Sukundumi?”

“Did you think I was powerless against your primitive superstitions?” throwing the potion and some leaves to the cavern floor.

“There! See where your beliefs take you now!”

Holmes had other ideas. “Moriarty! Behold this more powerful magic!”

And he took from his rucksack the great tribal mask of Sukundumi and held it in the gaze of the terrified warriors.

They fled.

“Moriarty, I know you used ancient magic to enslave these good people to do your evil bidding. But it is at an end. Now you will see justice.”

At that moment Holmes struck the ground with one of Queen Emma's coconut bombs and blinded them all in a fiery display of noise, sparks and smoke.


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