Nothing more obscene than a fat man on a bicycle
Unitech vice-chancellor in dark about deportation

Holmes in NG: The adventure of the black pearl 8


Escape by boatRELEASED FROM THE SPELL of Sukundumi, Salome held Moriarty in a vice-like grip. “Moriati – puripuri blon wantok winim yu, and they haven't yet called their Christ God to support them!”

Watson - “I say Holmes that coconut bomb came on a bit strong don't you think?”

“Needs must when the devil drives, Watson. Moriarty, you have no escape!”

“Think again Holmes!

Pekpek, mipela bagarup!” shouted Salome as Moriarty slipped from her distracted grasp, racing down a secret passage to the harbour foreshore where a boat awaited his escape.

Holmes - “Leave him, good Salome, we live to fight another day.”

Salome - “Na Holmes, Watson, wagai kaninga!”

“I have learned some important lessons today. Waitman not all good and some have power to treat us like slaves. But you two are strongpela fitmen tru! Olsem honorary New Guinea tambu bilon mi!”

“And Doctor John, what are you doing tonight?”

Watson retreated in fear.

“Holmes, protect me!” 


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