Australia’s failing engagement with PNG & Pacific

Wot's wiv all de few changes den….
Rain’s perambulating down in Sydney today, wind blowing a funiculating gale. Very tiresome for Action Jackson. So, errr, let’s change the blog page. Errr, let’s get a pic that looks more like I really look at dis very moment. Errr, don’t worry, I’ll think of something else…. Ah, cricket starts in half an hour!


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Peter Kranz

Inspct. Mauswara of Konedobu Yard. Has a nice ring to it.

Peter Kranz

I'm thinking of Inspector Mauswara.

Careful, he might sue - KJ

Peter Kranz

You are probably right KJ. But remember Holmes is the most performed and reinterpreted character in the history of radio, TV and film, so I thought it only fitting that he should have spent time in PNG. Why miss out on the fun?

And he keeps giving - just see the latest TV series Sherlock and Elementary.

PS. We need a local Lestrade. Any suggestions?

Plenty but I'm trying to avoid defo suits. BTW, pardon my robust sense of humour - KJ

Peter Kranz

You could do worse than watch this oldie but goodie. One of my favourite Holmes' films - The House of Fear!

I remember seeing this as a kid and being scared out of my wits. Probably explains a few things.

The man is totally bloody obsessed! - KJ

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