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Quentin Bryce program is announced for PNG visit


Official Photograph - HE GG Quentin BryceTHE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNOR-GENERAL, Ms Quentin Bryce, will arrive in Papua New Guinea on Monday for a four-day visit.

Ms Bryce will mark Anzac Day on the Kokoda Track and undertake other engagements that recognise the historic defence links and highlight the strong bilateral relationship between both nations.

The Governor-General will also focus on violence against women, the promotion of health initiatives to combat HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, and the advancement of educational opportunities in Papua New Guinea.

On Anzac Day, Thursday 25 April, Ms Bryce will honour the service and sacrifices of Australian Defence Force personnel in World War II at the Dawn Service at Bomana War Cemetery in Port Moresby.

Later, at Isurava on the Kokoda Track, the Governor-General will attend an Anzac Day service to commemorate the courage and bravery of Australian personnel, including Private Bruce Kingsbury VC who was killed there in1942.

The Governor-General will lay a wreath at the memorial to Australian soldiers in Kokoda and meet trekkers and members of the community.

During the visit, the Governor-General will attend meetings with PNG Governor-General, Sir Michael Ogio, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill MP and the Governor of East New Britain Province, Ereman Tobaining Jr,

She will participate in a roundtable meeting with prominent Papua New Guinean women at Parliament House. The Governor-General will also visit Milne Bay to mark the epic battle of 1942.


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Peter Kranz

Some people may have missed the point - Ms Bryce may not be an old PNG hand, but she has recognised the importance of PNG to the history and survival of both countries as nation states and sisters-in arms.

She is the proxy Head of State of Australia. Her participation in the ceremonies at Isurava is to be commended and is a milestone.

(Well, in my humble opinion.)

Erasmus Baraniak


O land of beauty and the brave
By one shot! All innocence lost
Where strange men bled lay wasted
As morning’s bugle gilded the skies
History’s verdict was proclaimed
Captured in such ragged prose
You of ancient mother’s angel
A lily in period’s pages pressed
Along elves’n fairies of folklore.

In distant pubs halls and malls
While reflecting over ale or two
Many mighty deeds regaled aloud
Of knights mice and man alike
In forests fields and everglades
With blood sweat and tears, spent
Scattered, consecrated, they lie
Flooding arid eyes all around
Toast to mate-ship’s truest heroes.

B’what manner of man cannot recall
The way like Moses you led out
Against Pharaoh’s fiery wrath
How you slipped the devils noose
That fateful night by Oivi’s Creek
Or rising to courage under line of fire
Setting ablaze both man and spirit
Still unfazed by hordes of sight unseen
Who can ever forget you now!
Tell us, who can ever forget you!

O proud Orokaiva Warrior, plumed
Like a spear to the skies you stand
In your hands both life and death
When jungle claimed you as its own
Foes whispered you- Green Shadow !
Sacred lightning, blurred darkness
Old men forget, but you not, how
Ridge by ridge and creek by creek
Carved out your name forever, by
History’s hand once writ cannot.

On Calvary’s way you have trod
Climbed your own Mount of Olives
Kokoda Isurava Deniki and Buna
Thru Gona’s kunai flats, Golgotha!
As sunset offered deaths pale sting
You stood, and smiled at its squint
As only an Orokolo Warrior would
And together as destiny’s brothers
Filled Kumusi with Horri’s tears.

Like the gushing of the Mambare
Your innocent life poured out
Daring angels to come measure
For a cause not your own-
If only the rocks would sing!
Or wail like the thrashing Eora!
A ragged and bloody tune be
An ode to ultimate sacrifice
A requiem of love supreme.

Though ill tuned and unprepared
While Curtins’ drawn and left wanting
O’er Blamey’s blunderings in the dark
Fought like warriors all possessed
Moving men and mountain alike
Deserving of accolades all equal
But alas! to linger in the shadows
A nameless and faceless solder!
Dirge to tragedy worse than death.

As dusk threatens to seize your days
You contemplate life’s passing tide
As did Henry the Fifth of age
On Saint Crispin’s Day recount
You strip your sleeves
And show your scars
Call out to all with ears
Nay! I was there beside thee!
When baptized in miry fire!

In lands and skies far and near, rise
Noble shrines and lordly tombs
In hallowed undulating meadows, lay
Names epitaphs in marble inscribed
But as for you in this fading light
Only rocks rills and mystic valleys
Herald your poignant deeds indeed
Now with undiscovered dead repose
In firm clasps of eternal anonymity.

Let now this cry go out from here
To every village in every valley
From Wapenamanda to Wakunai
Let no clanging of silver be heard
No vain fluttering of ribbons be seen
For you were there beside him !
Creek by creek and ridge by ridge
Cast together as destiny’s brothers
Yet, denied thrice at crow of dawn
The lesser path of man he chose
Ever to wander in soul-less sully.

Hear now! History’s verdict we proclaim!
Neither angels, elves nor fairies suffice
Nor medals of backyard foundries entice!
Now thru ancient gates you march
To the land of your fathers’ spirits
A land of promise and of plenty
Of rich rare and raving beauty
Where God rules in truth and is just
Where men walk and not grow weary
On treks paved in gold and silver
Here, we proclaim you, immortal!

We see you now, plain as you were
Warrior by birth and gallant in death
And in the timeless paean of Pericles
As heroes the whole earth their tomb
Yours with blood and valor, a nation!
And round the fires of every hut at night
As we pass the gourd and dakka around
In singsing places where brave men stand
We singe the bristles and call your name
And never let our sons forget your deeds
Theirs is a land of the proud and ancient
Where warriors are born but never shall die.

A Ballad of Tribute to the Proud but forgotten Warriors of the Papuan Infantry Battalion & our Carriers who sacrificed their all that we might be a Nation.

Bernard Yegiora

Ken interesting statistics.

Ken Kerapa

I wonder whether we should bring in the popemobile for her to to wave like the Queen mother in?

Last week over 60 Australians visited PNG for the first time. Just over 15 PNGians visited Australia for the first time.

Over 200 PNGians visited Asia for the first time last week. We had over 90 visitors from Asia coming to PNG for first time last week.

Why is one woman's visit so significant? Am I missing something?

Nigel Gagau

It’s a good idea she is participating in it and I think every PNG should support her.

It’s also important that we as PNG people should make an attempt to pay a respect for those who have took part in the fight and also for those lives that have lost their lives in HIV/AIDS.

It is a shame for us as Papua New Guineans that someone from outside who as a heart of PNG to do it. I am really happy for her and hope to participate with her on that day.

Peter Kranz

Excellent! It's about time an Oz GG visited PNG.

I trust this will not be a token visit, but may mark a new era in the relationship between two countries linked by so much and do some good for improving the treatment of PNG women in particular.

Maybe PNG Attitude is having some impact in political circles?

Well done Ms Bryce.

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