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Bougainville warrior’s song


A warrior and his gun (Leonard Fong Roka)Bougainville
My pot of myths
My voice of legends and folklore
My tale of creation and gods
You my civilization

Oh Bougainville, you so beautiful

My land and honey
My breath and love
My wisdom and inspiration
My day and future
You are my song

Oh Bougainville, you so sweet

My blood and tears
My freedom and peace
My right and obligation
My labour and destiny
You are so promising

Oh Bougainville, you are rich

My wife’s hope
My child’s future
My life’s path
My coffin’s rest
You are so caring

Oh Bougainville, you are mind
always second to my gun.


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Michael Dom

A profound comment Monica Jean George - "Bougainville, you are always in my silence. I am ashamed of what the world did to you and your children".

You have inspired me. With your permission I may craft something from your words. I know Leonard has felt them too.

Joyce Bagi

Leonard that was a very fascinating poem. I nearly mistook it for our provincial anthem!

This piece really describes our homeland. But how can we preserve all these riches and our prestige?

It is up to the young Bougainvillians to lead the way, because I am sure the ABG relies on us.

This Saturday I am sure Mr Sam Akoita will speak to us about the same thing.

Monica Jean George

It is with absolute gratitude that I admire your artistic ability to write such heart-piercing poem. The land has come though a lot of tears.

It has experienced an unforgettable memory that will always, always and forever remain in the hearts of the poor and innocent victim of the war.

The land is even, though the human race was very mean to her. She remained silent.

Bougainville, you are always in my silence. I am ashamed of what the world did to you and your children and I pity the jealously over your resources.

Let us not make the same mistake again.

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