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Ishmael PalipalTHIS ACROSTIC POEM is about the corruption which is destroying our environment. Even the good hearts are being contaminated because people think about themselves and getting more than what they need while the powerless suffer. Greed is energising these immoral actions.

Corruption is a killer virus of change
Over-riding the mood of civilized change
Ruining the lives of candid citizens
Ruling in the hearts of infected essences
Under the dark shadow of greediness
Power of self-centered ravenousness
Towards the reigns of penny
Into the large sums of money
Obtaining from the poor
Neither seeing them endure.

Covered in white collar you’re safe
Over the tiny crimes they’re not safe
Robbing lollies out from mini-marts
Rats are tortured and put into jails
Under the laws you break yet innocent
Putting that on a guiltless  innocent
Thieves whose stole only your crumbs
In responds to your selfish crams
Overloading your corrupt stomachs
Never considering the starving stomachs


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Richard Ponja

Interesting but a fact. How do you feel, seeing a poor thief severely beaten by cops for theft?

Yet you keep on enforcing laws against that act while the great thief itself is you, benefiting yourself under the shadow of lies.

If a country like Papua New Guinea is free from corruption and becomes a nation of beautiful minds there will be change.

I think one of the barrier toward the development of this nation is this unethical act we engage ourselves in.

Lithiana Nondebia

Thank you Ishmael Palipal for this wonderful poem on
the issue "Corruption".

You know corruption starts with you yourself as an individual. It is everywhere at any time. It starts from small to big.

For example, the politicians are getting what they want to benefit themselves while their own people are suffering from the empty promises that the make.

Corruption doesn't have a cure but we can change peoples mind and attitudes. Change starts with ourselves by sarting from doing the right things from small to big. So let us all stand together to fight "Corruption".

Michael Dom

Hey, nice going there Ishmael.

I like the dual lines comparing one action with another outcome, as in the line, "Obtaining from the poor / Neither seeing them endure."

Like the contradictions of political promises and lies.

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