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Defence: Australia should be a leader & not a fool


NOT MANY YEARS AGO Australia was at the forefront in putting pressure on the Papua New Guinea government to reduce the size of the PNG Defence Force.

While at the same time Australia is helping Indonesia to build up its army by training and providing equipment for the Indonesian military, TNI.

Indonesia spends billions each year on its armed forces while PNG spends only a few million to keep our DF from falling apart.

The PNGDF needs help to rebuild, re-equip and be a nation builder. Australia can play a role in this by providing the funding and training that is needed.

 I cannot understand why AusAID is spending $600 million in Indonesia when Indonesia has a military budget in the billions and therefore needs no help from Australia.

Australia is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse and also stands accused in the killings of West Papuans by continuing to support the TNI.

Australia should wake up and not be played like a fool but be a leader and stand up for the rights of the weak.


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Steve Gallagher

ISIS is having a worldwide connections and it is a threat to international peace and security.

Can the US and and its allies do more than what they doing today to stop these people to gain power in Mideast and Africa.

Steve Muhammad Gallagher

Gelab - I really support your comment. Honestly I really miss you.

I am happy to see your comments and just recall our good days as brothers in arms.

Colin Huggins

Steve - In answer to your reply, yes, I was and not without reason.

I don't regard Iran as an evil state, the people of the country, as you say, I regard the powers of the government to be evil.

I actually did land on a flight to Europe at Teheran Airport -years ago (1974). The time of the Shah, the airport International was a military base for fighter jets to take off from.

The plane, Thai International, landed for refuelling. All passengers were allowed off to stretch their legs on the tarmac - all cameras were to be left inside the plane!
Military aircraft - jet fighters were going off all the time. Fascinating to watch.

I don't think women have much of a say in the politics of Iran. Would you sponsor that in PNG?

I am quite sure that all women within your country would be horrified.

I am sure that Mrs Short who comments on this blog and has shown great interest in the promotion of women in
PNG would be horrified as would other female Australian teachers, nurses etc be likewise, before and after Independence.

I know that "home grown Jihad" terrorists are in France, the USA and Australia of the Western democracies - see "The Australian" newspaper of today - the western suburbs of Sydney.

These misguided persons have in many instances returned to their Muslim (yes I use the word) for training. Iran is a major player in this sphere.

Yes, Iran, like all sovereign nations must have a military force to defend their country. PNG appears not to have one at present, I refer you to John Fowke's comment ( 29 May 2013 at 01:05 PM).

As for Indonesian tanks racing across the West Irian/PNG border, well that is pure fantasy. I would like to put that comment as "down and buried".

Your concluding sentence: Iran as a world policeman? Words fail me.

Steve Muhammad Gallagher

Colin, you were shocked to see the word Iran. You regard Iran as an evil state I guess?

Iran is just the same as other states and even the United States, France and UK are worse than Iran.

We can have relations with Iran and other middle east states. The US and its Allies does not want Iran to become a nuclear power therefore they have falsely portrayed Iran's image in the media.

The West and US see Iran as a threat to their national interest in the middle east but Iran has the same rights to become a nuclear power to defend itself from US invasion.

It is normal for sovereign states to build weaponry to use as a deterrent against foreign invasion.

I sometimes wonder why does the West and others have a negative views of Muslim states especially middle east states.

Colin, Iran would be even better than the US as a world policeman.

Gelab Piak

Firstly, Australia will be the fool, once China steps in. As it has done to Fiji. China is eyeing every chance to step in, its only waiting for the right timing now.

And the PNG military doesn't pose a treat to the government because it is under funded and ill equipped. Not only that but Australia downsized it and provides tied aid to it.

And Australia helps it in less effective ways; not necessarily building the force or equipping it but rather just decorating it.

The PNG military is not a real danger to the government nowadays, it is more mature as it demonstrated during last year's political impasse.

The PNG military is a threat to every country in the Pacific. Picture this: Australia, with all it's satellite imagery and latest technology, did not even detect a plane flying in pitch darkness at 4am heading for Solomon Islands with an international fugitive on board, wanted by Australia and the world (Interpol).

And to make you grasp the magnitude of it, Australia had AFP and intelligence officers crawling all over POM. And Julian Moti was sneaked out right under their noses. That’s PNG.

If only our military had better equipment, including technology, I tell you we would be a force to reckon with. No wonder why Indonesia has begun buying tanks.

And where would those tanks be used? Perhaps on the landmass we share. Better to be prepared, than be caught napping.

Francis Nii

You've got a point David. And I think China would be more than willing to step in and fill the vacum created by our 'big brother'.

David Kitchnoge

If indeed Australia is helping Indonesia to build up its military capability, then we in PNG have no choice but to build ours too.

There are something like 40 Indonesians to a Papua New Guinean. We are already terribly outnumbered.

And with simmering tensions arising from the West Papuan issue and the fact other Melanesian Spearhead Group countries are prepared to drag us into this issue leaves us with no option.

If it means getting the Chinese to help us build our military capability, then let's do it.

Australia can't have it both ways. Sorry.

Colin Huggins

Well. all I can say after reading this from Steve Muhammad Gallagher is, "Oh, shit!"

Iran, eh? Words fail me! With comments like "Iran to support" citizens of PNG, you have a problem.

Even the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China, must be now wondering where PNG may be headed.

John Fowke

Stephen, perhaps it is because of the parlous state of your police and defence forces, a status which is the product of maladaptation of techniques and empowering concepts between tribal practices of yesteryear and today's international conventions and techniques and assumptions.

I know that there are some influential Australians who have arrived at the conclusion that you cant make a silk purse out of a pig's ear.

For your own society's acknowledgement of the situation look at this (below) excerpt from last Fridays Post-Courier.

Maybe its time that you and your peers took your own situation seriously enough to begin the slow but essential process of political and administrative reform of the conventions arising through the past 37 years.

This apple has not fallen from a distant tree. It's the fruit of your own orchard.

No Discipline

"Just who is in charge at Taurama Barracks? Yet again we hear of a band of soldiers harassing the staff at Malaoro and closing it down over a minor incident involving a kid’s toy.

"After starting the ruckus they then claim K50,000 for alleged injury to one of their colleagues.

"This is similar to another extortion of the same amount from the SVS shop last year. Is it the same soldiers?

"This has to stop, these guys are not a disciplined force and they are out of control."

Steve Muhammad Gallagher

What Australia want is to let PNG to remain a buffer state for its national interests. Australia does not see PNG as a potientil partner in times of war. It wants us to remain weak militarily so we can easily give in.

I think today is the time now that PNG should look for other countries to aid and train our military. PNG as an independent states it needs a strong military to defend its sovereingty.

PNG should look at Russia, China, Iran and other states support for our military build up to protect and defend our country.

I think Australia wants PNG to be vulnerable and less defensible so Australia can take the upper hand on everything.

Tony Flynn

Full agreement Stephen. The West was supporting Indonesia with massive arms deals when East Timor was getting trashed in a big way; untold thousands died at the orders of officers trained in the West.

Of course Indonesia has need of its defence force to maintain order within what are effectively its colonial boundaries.

To distinguish the British Empire was easy; British are white. Brown people also had, and some still have colonies. These are easier for governments to close their eyes to.

They do not wish to see that brown colonisers are failing in their treatment of their own colonies.

Who can possibly maintain that West Papuans are a part of Indonesian racial mix? Many islands closer to Indonesia dispute this; here are reasons for the enormous defence force.

Nobody is about to attack Indonesia from outside, the danger comes from within.

Mrs Barbara Short

I'm no expert on this topic but I seem to remember that Indonesia "has a past" and it includes 5 army generals causing a rising and millions of people "disappearing".

Then we have all the troubles in Fiji.

PNG at least has a rising strong parliament not threatened by a military take-over.

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