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New Bougainvillean graduatesPOST CONFLICT BOUGAINVILLE NEEDS more workers to improve health services for a growing population. Health services on the island were shattered during the 10-year civil war and are currently in a desperate need.

A trio of graduating Bougainville female students told me: “We are looking forward to helping to develop our region by putting our skills in improving our health services back in Bougainville.”

The trio along with other Bougainvillean students graduated this year in different health fields with the aim to help develop the health service infrastructure in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Elaine Aquila (middle) is already working with World Vision in Arawa, Central Bougainville whilst the other two, Hendrila Vilosi (left) and Gail Sarei (right), are still in Madang working at Modilon General Hospital.

Miss Aquila, who is from Haku, North Bougainville, graduated with a Bachelor in Rural Health Management, has a goal to help the people of Bougainville through World Vision.

“I’m really happy to work here because finally, after long years of study and sleepless nights, I am helping my people at the same time benefiting from my previous efforts. However, it is still not the end yet,” said Miss Aquila.

Miss Vilosi, from Tinputz in North Bougainville, whose father is a Resident Medical Officer at Buka General Hospital, said, “We are still working in Modilon to gain some hands-on experience.”

She recently graduated with the Bachelor in Physiotherapy.

“At the moment, Buka General Hospital has no equipment for physiotherapy,” Miss Vilosi said, “therefore I am still stuck in Madang”. She will move to Buka General Hospital as soon as the equipment is in place.

Gail Sarei added that housing is a problem in Buka.

Miss Sarei, from Halia on Buka Island, also graduated with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy and is working in Modilon General Hospital. She said her intention is to go back and work in Buka to improve the region’s health services but since there is lack of equipment and residential facilities she is helping out in Madang.

The young women urged the government of Bougainville to improve the health service of the region so they can help their people. 

There are many other Bougainvillean health graduate students working around PNG with the same goal and vision but, since there are no good facilities and residences available in the region, they are still working outside.

The Bougainville Government must set a good foundation so that it can attract back these human resources working around the country.


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Jacinta Koteu

I agree with Robert. If only the government started to set up its administration well, our development won't be a problem.
There are many new heads with fresh ideas not being used.

So government, check out our how Bougainvillean heads are doing around the country and reprogram your system to gather all of them whose mindset is set on helping their Bougainville.

Robert Jikavi

Brilliant idea. By looking at Bougainville it’s an island on its own and was really in need with some of the basic services due to civil war.

It is a brilliant idea that was raise by the three degree graduaters at Divine Word University that after their graduation they want to at least put their hands together to help bring the good standard of healthcare in their province.

It is a sign of positive mindset of thinking for the good of the people and the province.

Therefore, if all the other Bougainville students do their tertiary study in different university and colleges have the same frame of mindset, 100% sure they will be changing the battlefield of civil war to develop the place.

Many Bougainville students have this type of mind frame but the problem now is with government. If the government take action to set the good foundation to attract not only the Bougainville student but others in terms of human resource, there will be lots of work force and I believe that Bougainville move on to the next level.

But if government does not do any thing, it will move backwards in terms of development.

Joyce Bagi

Well this is very true, most vibrant bougainvillans who are working around PNG are attracted to the resources that suit their profession. It is sad to see that most of the government aid post in Bougainville lack the basic health facilities.
This is a wake-up call for the ABG to take into serious consideration.

Leonard Roka

This is the way for us Bougainvilleans to go. At least those few professions like physiotherahy where Bougainville is not yet equiped with, we hang out to gain more experience but the rest of what we study they are ok.

For example, business we can create employment from our resources on Bougainville. There is no need to wander around PNG where they are ahead of us

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